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Answers to Oft-Asked Questions about the Summer Residency Program
  • How Can I Apply?

  • What Is the Deadline to Apply?

  • Do International Applicants Need a Visa or TOEFL Score?

  • Do I Need to Submit a Portfolio as Part of My Application?

  • What Is the Experience Range of Participants?

  • When Will I Find out If I Got Accepted?

  • Is the Summer Residency Program the same as Summer Housing?

  • What Is the Refund Policy?

  • Are There Scholarships or Financial Aid?

  • Will I Get Credit or a Certificate at the End?

  • How Can I Contact Alumni of the Program?

  • What Is the Difference between Session 1 and Session 2?

  • Which Facilities Will I Have Access To?

  • Are There Summer Courses Available Besides the Summer Residency Program?