illustration of two men in suits fighting.

Figure Drawing for Cartoonists

Sep 22 - Dec 1
Wednesday 6:30-9:30 PM (EST) 10 sessions
Wednesday 6:30-9:30 PM (EST) 10 sessions
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Tom Motley, Cartoonist
When you're a graphic illustrator, understanding human anatomy is only part of the skill set you need to successfully compose vivid and expressive figures. This course will survey key concerns such as solidity, movement, body language and stagecraft, in an effort to coordinate what you can learn about the figure with what you can see and imagine. Sessions will alternate between life drawing from the model, and figure construction from memory and imagination. This is a good course for people who draw well and would like to draw better.
NOTE: Please bring drawing paper and pencils to the first session, and be prepared to present your best cartoon character or figure drawing. This course is held on campus at SVA.
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3.5 CEUs
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