6 variations of a portrait inked in different variations.

Thinking in Ink

Sep 21 - Nov 23
Tuesday 6:30-9:30 PM (EST) 10 sessions
Tuesday 6:30-9:30 PM (EST) 10 sessions
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Tom Motley, Cartoonist
The last thing the cartoonist does - the inking - is the first thing the reader sees. Contrast, tone and texture must be orchestrated to direct the reading experience. In this course students will delve into an array of comic-inking techniques and challenges: brush feathering, trap-shading, thatch hatching, shadow merging, and many more. A wide range of tools and media will be explored, including digital, and numerous cartoonists will be studied. Expand your fund of art-finishing strategies and brush up your brushwork.
NOTE: Please bring a new watercolor brush (size 4 round) and black India ink to the first session. All students with an active registration in this online course will be given free access to the Adobe Creative Cloud. This course is fully online and offered through a combination of regularly scheduled sessions during the listed course hours, as well as asynchronous material that may include prerecorded lectures and media, and interactive discussions.
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3.5 CEUs
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