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Photo Techniques

Feb 19 - Apr 15
Monday 6:30-9:30 PM (EST) 8 sessions
Monday 6:30-9:30 PM (EST) 8 sessions
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Joseph Sinnott,


The ability to make compelling pictures on demand involves knowledge, experience and interest. Emphasizing image control and creation in-camera, this series of lectures and demonstrations imparts the skills necessary to translate vision to imagery. Some of the subjects covered include: exposure, metering, flash, lenses and optics, color calibration, white balance. This course provides and explains the technical information necessary to be successful and self-reliant in creating consistently superior photographs.
NOTE: This course is fully online and offered through synchronous sessions during the listed course hours.
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2 CEUs
Credit: SVACE Events Series
Photo Techniques with Joseph Sinnott
Learn simple flash tricks that make your pictures better with SVACE faculty member Joseph Sinnott. A variety of flash techniques will be described, including the use of diffusers, bounce, fill, slow sync and how to prevent red-eye. Even a little tracing paper over your pop-up flash makes the light softer and more flattering. The advantages of using reflectors outdoors and other photo tips and tricks will be discussed. This event will demonstrate things anyone can do to enhance their photographs regardless of their resources and level of knowledge. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A. Please come prepared to take notes. Moderated by Joseph Sinnot, Senior staff photographer, WNET / New York Public Media