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Feb 8 - Mar 14
Thursday 7:30-9:00 PM (EST) 5 sessions
Thursday 7:30-9:00 PM (EST) 5 sessions
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Aidan Fitzgerald,

Owner, Cold Cube Press; publisher; designer; visual artist

The practice of publishing art books-from the perspectives of artist, publisher and audience-is examined in this course . Weekly readings will be assigned that focus on the practice and process of publishing, as well as the ideas underpinning the history of publishing various types of books. Topics to be addressed include contemporary book design, the process and purpose of photobooks in contemporary photographic practice, and "What makes a book an art book?" The course is geared toward artists and publishers who have already started their publishing practice, or those who are interested in starting a publication project. Open to all levels.
NOTE: This course is fully online and offered through a combination of regularly scheduled sessions during the listed course hours, as well as asynchronous material that may include prerecorded lectures and media, and interactive discussions.
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1.5 CEUs