Updates on the 2020-2021 Academic Year
SVA continues remote instruction, with select facilities accessible by appointment. Click below for updates.

Illustration and Visual Storytelling: Art/Industry

Session 1: June 1-July 2, 2020

Session 2: July 7-August 7, 2020

Tuition: $2,000 per session

4 undergraduate studio credits per session 

This online residency is designed to offer artists the opportunity to remotely access the wealth of resources available to professional illustrators in New York City while developing a portfolio of work that embodies personal vision.

With guidance from award-winning illustrators, participants will complete a body of work comprised of images created for assignments, as well as personal projects, aiming to showcase their individual style and aesthetic direction. The goals are to advance to the next level of artistic practice and to attain an enhanced position in the illustration marketplace.

A rigorous instructional program, built around courses in editorial illustration & portfolio development, sequential illustration, personal project, will complement independent work. Combined, these initiatives form an experience that fosters professional growth and the expansion of personal voice. Special guest lectures by artists, art directors, publishers, gallery directors and agents are designed to provide additional insight regarding the realities of a career in illustration.

This residency program is structured around three days of online classes (Monday-Wednesday) and one day (typically Thursday) of special workshops or guest lectures and portfolio reviews with award winning artists, art directors and illustration agents. Additional sessions of individual meetings, critiques and supplemental learning opportunities will augment the schedule.

Faculty and lecturers have included Maelle Doliveux, Tim Hamilton, Paul Hoppe, Viktor Koen, Aaron Meshon, Anna Raff and Andrea Tsurumi.

Lecturers and portfolio reviewers have included Marshall Arisman, Paul Buckley, Martin Gee, Karl Heine, Charles Hively, Kat Irannejad, Francesca Messina, Yuko Shimizu, Sara Varon and Alexandra Zsigmond. Viktor Koen is the program coordinator.

NOTE: A portfolio is required for review and acceptance to this program.

For further information or questions regarding SVA's Summer Residencies e-mail residency@sva.edu or call 212.592.2188.