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Sculpture, Installation and New Media Art

June 21–July 30, 2021

Tuition: $3,000

4 undergraduate studio credits

Housed in SVA’s state-of-the-art sculpture facility, this residency gives traditional sculptors and new media artists an opportunity to experiment with the latest in digital technology in an environment that is conducive to inter-media exploration and critical dialogue. The program is intended for serious artists who work in sculpture and installation, as well those engaging in digital video, digital sculpture, rapid prototyping, 3D graphics, and other new media.

Our sculpture facilities allow for working with wood, plaster, ceramics, metal, plastics and custom electronics, et al. Those artists whose interests are in digital art can opt to work with high-end digital photography, video, 3D graphics and sound production equipment. Integrated computer workstations allow artists to create 3D models for output and edit high-definition videos and professional quality soundtracks. The facility is designed for fluid movement between digital and traditional media and is well equipped to support inter-media installation and performance work including multi-channel audio and video installations and performance using interactive media and video. Artists who are interested in hybrid forms and new media in two, three and four dimensions will find the environment conducive to an experimental approach to art-making. The program features a techno-ceramics component, which includes 3D printing with clay.

Located in the heart of New York City’s Chelsea gallery district, participants have their own studio space where they meet with faculty for individual critiques. The program includes seminars, equipment demonstrations, lectures, site visits, gallery walks and dialogue with participants of the various residency programs. Residents are suggested to have some basic skill sets. Technical and safety work- shops are mandatory and will be held at the beginning of each residency. Staff technicians are on site for consultation only, not fabrication of artwork.

Guest lecturers include artists, critics, curators and gallery directors. Faculty members are selected for their diverse perspectives and professional experience. The critiques and lectures complement the studio work to form an intensive program of hard work, learning and personal development. The program culminates in an open studio exhibition, which enables participants to present their work to the public.

Faculty and guest lecturers have included Suzanne Anker, Ofri Cnaani, Steve DeFrank, Frank Gillette, Michael Joaquin Grey, Alois Kronschläger, Saul Ostrow, Michael Rees, Jerry Saltz and Tyler Rowland.

Faculty and guest lecturers have included 

Suzanne AnkerRon Baron, Ofri Cnaani, Will CorwinSteve DeFrankAyana Evans, Michael Joaquin Grey, Alois KronschlägerSaul OstrowDavid Ross, Jerry Saltz and Tyler Rowland.

NOTE: A portfolio is required for review and acceptance to this program. Residents who wish to borrow equipment from the Fine Arts Digital Lab are required to submit proof of insurance with rental endorsement listing SVA as a co-insured. Participants will be held responsible for payment of any loss, theft or damage incurred to the equipment.

Safety is our priority. We will be monitoring the current health situation and travel restrictions before confirming any on-campus programs. In addition, specific facility access will be subject to health and safety guidelines adopted by the College.

For further information or questions regarding SVA's Summer Residencies email residency@sva.edu.

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