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SVA Responds to COVID-19

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2020. You graduate suddenly in the year of the unimaginable. Artists have always shown the world how to reimagine. Keep making art--- it is you who have the potential to harness our collective imagination for the future, and make vivid our historic record of this time... as the past. Share your intimate vision of what is to be alive today. Tell it true, and hard, like only you uniquely can. Tell it like your life depends on it, like all of ours do. We are lovers, art lovers, and share this secret: art can remind us of our oneness throughout the world and across time --with all that came before, and will come after-- artists provide that transformative glimpse, where the expressions of individuals, and of entire cultures can magically meet together, even for just a second.

- Sarah Sze (MFA 1997 Fine Arts)