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‘Visions’ Gives SVA’s Class Of 2020 A Chance To Shine
November 18, 2020 by Rodrigo Perez
2020 Visions.

2020 Visions

Credit: SVA Galleries

2020 Visions,” a juried exhibition of multidisciplinary works by alumni from the class of 2020, kicks off today. Organized by SVA Galleries in collaboration with SVA Alumni Affairs, the exhibition will be on view through Saturday, January 16, 2021, at galleries.sva.edu.


The class of 2020 was affected like no other in the history of SVA and much of the impetus around “2020 Visions” was providing students with the opportunity to have a gallery exhibition of their work—something they were deprived of this past spring due to the pandemic complications.


“The loss was particularly cruel to those who were about to graduate,” said, Francis Di Tommaso, director of SVA Galleries. “So, we conceived [this] project. Its aim was to mitigate some of that loss—to restore an opportunity that was rightfully theirs.” 


SVA Galleries invited all class of 2020 graduates to submit art that was about, or inspired by, this unprecedented year. “Visions” is a “sort of open thesis exhibition for all this year’s graduates,” Di Tommaso continued. “We hope that it will, in some small way, allow them to enjoy their achievements at SVA, and to encourage them as they enter a new year and take their first steps in their professional lives.” 


The exhibition was juried by five notable SVA alumni—José Carlos Casado (MFA 2001 Computer Art), Dana Davenport (BFA 2015 Photography and Video), Chioma Ebinama (MFA 2016 Illustration as Visual Essay), Nadia Haji Omar (MFA 2014 Fine Arts) and Jocelyn Tsaih (BFA 2015 Graphic Design).

2020 Visions

While jurying remotely had its challenges, José Carlos Casado said the benefits outweighed the obstacles and it was especially heartening to “see what [the] new generation of artists is making today—something instructive for everyone—and how are they dealing with the pandemic.”

Before the pandemic, Casado was awarded a public art commission for New York City public school I.S. 429 in Queens for a new, permanent site-specific artwork, something he’s only now been able to resume work on. But he was energized by the “2020 Visions” task and “being part of their experience, and making [it] possible for alumni to show their work.”


The 34 artists and SVA class of 2020 graduates featured in this exhibition are Chun-Chieh Chang (MFA Fine Arts), Miguel Manrique Chirinos (BFA Illustration), Dani Choi (MFA Illustration as Visual Essay), Emily Crawford (BFA Illustration), Cici Gee (MPS Directing), Edward Gia (BFA Photography and Video), Tyler Glenn (BFA Fine Arts), Natalie V. Grant (BFA Photography and Video), Yawen Erin Huang (MFA Fine Arts), Ishita Jain (MFA Illustration as Visual Essay), Hyeonjeong Jang (BFA Film), Maximilian Julia (MFA Fine Arts), Jae Won Jung (MFA Fine Arts), Steve Kim (BFA Photography and Video), Esteban Kuriel (MFA Photography, Video and Related Media), Hwarim Lee (MFA Illustration as Visual Essay), Anisa Li-A-Ping (BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects), Janny Lu (BFA Illustration), Shady Noor (MPS Directing), Chaiun Oh (BFA Design), Barbara Owen (MFA Art Practice), Jun Hong Park (BFA Design), Lingfei Ren (MFA Photography, Video and Related Media), Simone Riccardi (BFA Illustration), Amanda Smith (MFA Fine Arts), Patricia Tewes (MFA Art Practice), Chang Wang (BFA Design), Ming Wang (BFA Illustration), Lynn Weilin (MFA Fine Arts), Heather Williams (MFA Art Practice), Luyao Yan (BFA Cartooning), Matthew Yturralde (BFA Film), Sijia Xu (MPS Directing) and Jie Zhao (BFA Design).