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BFA Computer Art Student Mary Blume Stays Inspired with Daily Doodles
March 19, 2020 by Danielle Peters
SVA Student Mary Blume's desk set up.
Credit: Mary Blume

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted all of our lives. Following the announcement that classes at SVA would be held remotely for the remainder of the academic year, students and faculty have been acclimating to the new changes while also finding new ways to stay creative, inspired and positive.

As a self-help tool for herself and other students and faculty, fourth-year BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation, and Visual Effects student Mary Blume has started a Daily Doodles project, through which she shares her daily experiences of learning and working remotely through relatable illustrations. After seeing Blume's encouraging art take shape on social media, we reached out to talk with her about the inspiration behind the project.

How are you doing in this period of self-isolation?

I'm feeling anxious, as I'm sure a lot of people are. It seems like you can't even check your social media right now without seeing [rising coronavirus] numbers and pictures of empty shelves at grocery stores. It's a time with a lot of uncertainty, and I certainly feel that way.

What made you start the doodle project?

I was looking for a way to occupy myself while classes transitioned online. I thought other people might enjoy them or get inspired, too, so I started posting them.

Have you been in touch with your classmates? How are they doing?

Everyone is remaining calm and taking things one step at a time. I hope they're all doing okay and taking care of themselves. I know that some people have gone home to see their families and other people are still [figuring out what's next].

How do you think others can relate to your project?

I think seeing someone else have a little humor in this challenging time can be helpful. I hope to keep the content light and, where appropriate, make light of a perhaps unpleasant situation. I think everyone is just trying to make the best of things right now and I hope that seeing a little doodle can brighten up their timelines. 

Aside from helping others, has the Daily Doodles project helped you at all through this time?

It has helped me to focus. The interruption to my everyday routine made it difficult to concentrate on tasks. Starting my day with some doodling has helped me relax and refocus my energy.

Keep up with Blume's Daily Doodles project each day by following the #dailydoodles hashtag on Twitter or Instagram. More of Blume's work can be seen on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, and on her website.