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Computer Art Students Summer 2018 Internships

BFA Computer Art students interned this summer at companies including Pixar, Cartoon Network, Disney Animation, Warner Bros Animation and Sony Pictures Imageworks

September 19, 2018
SVA Features: Computer Art Student Summer 2018 Internships

Maya Mendonca (BFA Computer Art, Class of ‘20) interned at Cartoon Network this summer. Read about her experience:

“Interning at Cartoon Network was truly a wonderful experience. I worked with the crew of a new show called "Infinity Train" (comes out in 2019) and they welcomed me with friendly open arms. Throughout this internship I was mentored by many artists and attended workshops such as Storyboarding and Character Design. Because my focus is 3D character animation, they connected me with the animation supervisor who provided me with so much knowledge. In addition, I worked closely with the talented writers and storyboard artists and prepared a pitch bible and an outline of a short film that I may potentially use for thesis. At the end of the internship, I was able to pitch that same idea to Cartoon Network and get feedback. Overall, I'm so thankful for the experience I had in such a happy and hardworking environment. The best part is, when we weren't working we just nerd out about videogames, tv shows, art, and took trips to the studio's bbqs, gallery openings, and various snack floors throughout the building. Working at Cartoon Network made me feel proud of my childhood.”

Chrisy Baek (BFA Computer Art, Class of ’20) was an intern at Disney Animation Studios:

“I was part of the CG and Art Internship program for Disney Animation Studios 2018. This year was a bit different and instead of picking specific specialties like modeling, look dev, animators, and etc... They wanted to try out a generalist program where all the interns could do more than one area of field. There was a total of 5 CG and Art Interns and initially we were assigned to come up with a small scene with couple of shots but we wanted to do more so we came up with a short story which ended up being about 40 seconds long called "Voilà". It was the first time they were trying this so everything was pretty much experimental and we planned everything out ourselves with the support of our mentors and supervisors. Each of us 5 members did have a specialty and a minor which ended up working really well!

I did most of the organizing, planning out, then I worked on character modeling, some environment modeling, look dev, set dressing, some lighting and all the 3D comping. It was really collaborative and an unforgettable experience because the internship really made us feel like we were in actual production. After the short was done, they let us advertise around the studio with our posters and designed t-shirts made by our other intern, and on the presentation date, it was a full house! Everybody was there but some people left because there wasn't enough seats and everyone at WDAS really showed so much support! After the screening, we had to do individual presentations describing the process and what each of us contributed to the project by showing breakdowns of shots which was exciting. The best part was even during production they had many meet and greets for us with special guests like Jen Lee, Andrew Millstein, Paul Felix, Edwin Catmull, etc... They were super inspiring and very informative! We really got to meet so many great artists that also helped us to achieve our short film.

Overall it was an amazing experience that you could only have once in a lifetime. The community and environment was amazing and super opened, we got to see what was going on inside of WDAS and future plans. Also the people were so inspiring and unbelievably nice! They were amazed at our teamwork and I'm super thankful for having an amazing group of interns that were awesome to work with!”

Anthony Muscarella (BFA Computer Art, Class of ‘19) was an intern at Pixar this summer:

“This summer I was able to be apart of the Pixar Undergraduate Program. This ten week program was a classroom based internship where I got to work and collaborate with eight other interns. We were exposed to all of the technical departments, learned Pixar’s proprietary tools and software, and used them in the pipeline. Mentorship also played a huge part in the internship. Outside of the technical aspects, I learned the importance of work-life balance, inclusivity, and diversity. The culture of Pixar was incredible and allowed for me easily to express my own personality and ideas.”

Ashton Thompson (BFA Computer Art, Class of ‘20) did a summer internship at Warner Bros. Animation:

“Throughout my summer, I had the privilege to work alongside many talented artists at Warner Bros. Animation in Los Angeles. I learned (or was able to learn) from the creators of not only today’s cartoons, but of many of the iconic shows/movies I grew up with and still cherish (The Powerpuff Girls, The Iron Giant, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, and Rick and Morty just to name a few). I was assigned to work on the production crew of DC Superhero Girls, a show that has not yet been released. In doing so, I was able to learn about all of the elements that go into tying a show together before being on air. My job included tasks like editing scripts, putting together storyboards, organizing assets, and making presentations. I also got the amazing opportunity to assist with our show’s panel at San Diego’s Comic Con and attend recording sessions with the legendary voice actors of our show. As an artist, being in such an inspiring environment with so many talented and successful individuals has given me a lot of valuable knowledge, experience, connections, and friendships that I will carry with me throughout my future endeavors.”

Peter Hyun (BFA Computer Art, Class of ’19) was an intern at Sony Pictures Imageworks:

“I was working on a little bit of "Spiderman Spiderverse" and "Smallfoot" as a Lighting intern. Apparently you have to work on the movie for more than 3 months to get on the credits, it's a shame but it was still a great experience. For me the first two weeks were a training period to figure out Linux and how to use Katana. Then it was just my lighting team and my mentor figuring out how to nitpick details on our shots. Unfortunately they didn't let me take any of my shots home, or at least they won't give it until the movie is released. I learned so much from my internship and I really treasure the experience I had.

A neat little tip I have for people who's looking for an internship is to not try and make your reel stand out with music. Most people who had their reels picked for final point had absolutely no music.”