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SVA Alum Jordan Blit debuts Animated Children's Music Project 'Jazzy Toons'

Animated music video channel brings a love of Jazz to a new generation of kids

January 12, 2018

SVA Alum and Faculty member Jordan Blit has partnered up with an old friend to form Jazzy Toons, a Youtube series that brings together jazz and animation to entertain a new generation of children and their parents. Jazzy Toons the series premiered on January 4, 2018 with "Little Boy Blue", a music video featuring an english nursery rhyme sung by a choir of colorful barn animals and one jazzy cat. Animator Jordan Blit produces the visual content for the videos accompanied by the music of The Mother Goose Jazz Band, who has been creating music since the 1980's.

Speaking about the project's origins, Blit says, "Josh Greenberg (composer, musician, and educator) created The Mother Goose Jazz Band with the purpose of creating music that both children and adults could enjoy together. Jazzy Toons displays the beauty of his music as well as the creative process involved in bringing it to life."

The Jazzy Toons videos are a source of fun and education for young children, as well as music that adults can enjoy. The sophisticated animation and vibrant characters fall perfectly in sync with the whimsical music, depicting the playful spirit of The Mother Goose Jazz Band's sound.