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SVA’s Class of 2020 Document Their Virtual Graduation [Video]
June 12, 2020
SVA's Class of 2020

SVA’s class of 2020 certainly had an atypical end of their academic year and commencement ceremony due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the graduating students′ resolve and spirits remained unbowed.

It’s official as of last month: SVA’s class of 2020 are now members of SVA’s alumni community. Throughout their years at the College, many have made memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. Although the end-of-year experience of this year’s graduating class was atypical—including a virtual commencement ceremony, due to ongoing social-distancing guidelines—the community made the best of the unusual circumstances. Even better, SVA, with the help of the soon-to-be-graduates, was able to document the celebratory day, the degree candidates′ excitement, and the enthusiasm of their family and friends with a graduation vlog.

Commencement speaker Daniela Dwek (BFA 2020 Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects) and fellow graduates Kayleen Acosta (BFA 2020 Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects), Jazlyn Kendrick (BFA 2020 Cartooning), Linnea McGinness (BFA 2020 Film), Maria Tinoco (BFA 2020 Illustration) and Remon Yoshikawa (BFA 2020 Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects) documented their remote commencement experiences and celebrations in the above video.

Congratulations once more to SVA’s graduating class of 2020!