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SVA Computer Art students Noura Adel Shemies and Ben Meyer awarded by the Ray Lee Jr. Legacy Foundation
May 17, 2021
Ray Lee Jr. Legacy Foundation text with a cityscape behind.

School of Visual Arts (SVA) BFA Computer Art department is excited to announce the recipients of two awards from the Ray Lee Jr. Legacy Foundation. Graduating senior student, Noura Adel Shemies, has been awarded a one-on-one mentorship session with editor and producer, Alexander Hammer; and Ben Meyer, a rising senior, has been awarded a grant to help fund his thesis project.


Noura Adel Shemies, Class of 2021, was selected to participate in a virtual mentoring session with Alex Hammer. Alex will share advice and answer any questions Noura has about the visual effects industry, Alex’s professional experience, and related topics. See more of Noura’s work at nouradel.com

A surprised person in a red shirt falling into a green swirl space

An image from Noura Adel Shemies’ thesis film ‘Over My Dead Body’

A nervous person stands at the end of a dark hallway with mirrors on both walls and a red light at the end.

An image from Noura Adel Shemies’ thesis film ‘Over My Dead Body’

Ben Meyer, Class of 2022, was awarded the Ray Lee Jr. Legacy Foundation Award, a grant of $250 to help fund Ben's thesis project. This award is for one junior year undergraduate student to help fund the production for their upcoming thesis film. You can see more of Benjamin’s work at meben.org

A child sits in their bedroom playing with a toy

A still from Ben Meyer's film Outgrow, made in collaboration with Computer Art students Mav Vitale, Ollie Yao, Kaitlin Yu, Heather Yun, Alex Yun, Deniz Mani, Westine Leung.

A buff caveman-looking man with no shirt on, a skull on his arm, and a tall mohawk, stands with his arms open.

A project by Ben Meyer, featured in his animation reel.

These opportunities have been made possible by the Ray Lee Jr. Legacy Foundation, in honor of BFA Computer Art alum Ray Lee, Jr. who graduated from SVA in 2003. In the Computer Art department Ray was able to explore his creative potential to become the successful motion graphics artist that he was, as well as forge lasting experiences and lifelong relationships. 


The Ray Lee Jr. Legacy Foundation works on outreach projects for the arts, connecting with nature, and more. Read about Ray Lee, Jr. at rayleejrlegacyfoundation.org


Alexander Hammer, Director, Editor, and all around creative genius, works on scripted film and TV, feature documentaries, music videos, and more. His work includes Homecoming: A Film By Beyoncé, shorts and documentaries for Taylor Swift, Lizzo, Madonna; the recent documentary series Expecting Amy with Amy Schumer; and many more exciting projects. In addition to this, Alex is an officer of the Ray Lee Jr. Legacy Foundation and a dear and close friend of Ray's. We are grateful to the foundation for offering this incredibly valuable experience to Noura and the other students Alex has mentored in recent years.

Previous SVA Computer Art recipients of the Ray Lee Jr. Legacy Foundation Award and mentorship with Alex Hammer are:

Emely Martinez Diaz, Class of 2021, who was awarded the Ray Lee Jr. Legacy Foundation Award for help funding her thesis project. See more of Emely’s work at emelynicole.com

Xiaoli Zhang, Class of 2020, who was selected to be mentored by Alex Hammer. You can see more of Xiaoli’s work on her website at xiaolizhangart.com

Chrisy Baek, Class of 2020, was the recipient of the Ray Lee Jr. Legacy Foundation Award. You can see more of her work at chrisybaek.com

‘Dom’ Sang hyoun Han, Class of 2019, was selected for the mentorship session with Alex Hammer. See more of Dom’s work at domcake.net