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Watch SVA Computer Art Thesis Projects from the Class of 2018

Senior thesis projects in computer animation, visual effects, motion graphics, games and virtual reality

June 7, 2018

Watch this year's senior thesis projects from our graduating class of 2018! See all of the films on our website at: http://svacomputerart.com/student-work.html.

The SVA Computer Art thesis films this year are projects in mediums ranging from 3D and 2D animation to visual effects, motion graphics, virtual reality and games. The films feature a variety of stories and characters that are meaningful, thrilling, heartwarming tales of every imaginable kind.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018 for all their excellent work!

3D animation still of a black and white pigeon-like bird on the forrest floor, looking down and smiling at a grenade in front of it.
'Poached' a film by Isabel Waller
The back of a young woman holding a camera up, taking a photograph of the vast landscape in front of her. There is a flying turtle in the distance and bright purple translucent jellyfish in the sky all around her.
'Vision' a film by Suhee Bae
A muscular, green dinosaur-looking creature stares out at the viewer, wearing a yellow cape and uniform. There is a cityscape behind the creature, with a warm sunset glow to the sky.
'Power of Powers' a film by Nyoung Kim
A woman in a red dress dances in a large green field with pink flowers on the grass. There is a bright blue sky and the image is somewhat distorted, since it is a 360 film to be watched with a virtual reality headset.
'Jugalbandi' a 360 VR film by Deepa Paulus
A chubby, four legged pink creature with smooth bumps on its chin, the sides of its head and rounded body and tail. It stands in the green grass on a farm, in front of a stone wall.
'Flooba' a film by Austin Yawney