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May 5, 2021
A collage featuring images of food, clothes, toys and other products and services created by SVA community members.

Clockwise from top left: Ilona Szwarc throw by ILYSM; image from Visitations VR app; MUMBOT World Plush toys; OS Cafe in Brooklyn; salad by Canal House; Canal House partners Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton; Ultima dress; Dr.OM Yoga merchandise; Hygge & West wallpaper by Lisel Jane Ashlock; Keith Haring x Levi’s jacket; Blue Point beer.

There are few fields in which the talents of the SVA community have not made their mark. Here are the latest products and services we’ve come across or heard about in recent months, spanning the categories of home goods, fashion, education and self-care, among others.

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Relax + Unwind


David Lobser (BFA 2000 Computer Art)

This free meditative virtual-reality app developed and directed by David Lobser features an immersive gallery of audiovisual vignettes that transport users to a state of relaxation. To create an effective experience, Lobser partnered with other experts and artists like Deirdre Barrett, a Harvard Medical School author and psychologist focused on dream research, and EMBC, a creative lab focused on modern contemplative experiences that promote healing and renewal. He even collaborated with researchers at the Comprehensive Spine & Pain Center of New York, testing Visitations VR on patients during infusions in order to induce calm, with a positive response.

Rooted in neuroscience and psychology, the app is designed to heal and uplift. Users can buy extra scenes and features on Oculus Go ($5) and on Sidequest and Steam ($10).

A selection of four meditative, calm-colored images from the Visitations virtual-reality app.
Credit: Visitations
A short animation showing a swirl of geometric shapes and patterns.
Credit: Visitations
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For the Home

“Roller” Drink Coasters

Hui Zheng (MFA 2020 Products of Design)


“Vanitas (in a Petri dish)” Drink Coasters

Suzanne Anker (chair, BFA Fine Arts)

Designer Hui Zheng’s “roller” coasters ($24 for four) double as mini-mazes: Should any condensation from cold drinks collect in the grooves, you can tilt and turn them to guide it through. The items are being sold through the MoMA Design Store and MoMA Wholesale, as part of MFA Products of Design’s ongoing collaboration with the institution.

Two new sets of high-gloss, cork-backed coasters, created by artist and BFA Fine Arts Chair Suzanne Anker, feature works from her photographic series “Vanitas (in a Petri dish).” Following the classical tradition of vanitas paintings, which emphasize the transience of life, Anker’s photographs present still lifes of delicate and decaying flowers, insects and fruits. Each set ($22) includes four different coasters; both can be found on Amazon.

Two color photographs side by side: On the left is a stack of three maze-shaped drink coasters and a glass of what appears to be seltzer resting on another coaster. On the right is a pair of hands holding a maze-shaped coaster and coaxing a drop of water through the maze.
Credit: Hui Zheng/MoMA Design Store
Two drink coasters side by side. Each coaster has a solid black background and in its center a bird's-eye-view photo of a nature still life arranged in what appears to be a petri dish.
Credit: Suzanne Anker
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Ultima Dress

Yuli Ziv (MFA 2005 Computer Art)

Multidisciplinary entrepreneur Yuli Ziv designed her minimalist Ultima convertible dress jacket ($295) to be efficient enough for a modern woman. The sleeves can be removed, the hood hidden and the length extended, making the dress jacket adaptable to 21 looks. And—fulfilling every dress wearer’s fantasies—it has pockets!

Four color photos side by side of a person wearing a garment that adapts to different looks.
Credit: Ultima
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Arts, Crafts + More

Typecraft Initiative

Ishan Khosla (MFA 2005 Design)

The Typecraft Initiative, led by Ishan Khosla, Andreu Balius and Sol Matas, works with Indian artists to create ornate fonts ($25 – $35) inspired by the crafts and tribal arts of India. They aim to help craftspeople—Indian craftswomen, in particular—earn through the creation and sale of typefaces.

A color photograph of two hands typing on a laptop, which is displaying the text "Mumbai" in all capital letters.
Credit: Typecraft Initiative
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Food + Drink

OS Café
Tasnim Ara (BFA 2005 Graphic Design)

Graphic designer Tasnim Ara opened the OS Café in 2014 with the aim of creating a neighborhood hub that provides good vibes that patrons can carry with them throughout the day (OS stands for “off to start”). Located in Brooklyn’s Park Slope area, OS offers coffee and tea drinks ($2 – $6.50), homemade macarons and pastries ($3 – $7), Van Leeuwen ice cream and vegan ice cream ($5.50) and bags of locally roasted coffee beans ($15.50). 

535A Sixth Avenue, Brooklyn, New York  

A color photograph of green macarons in a white ceramic platter with a scalloped edge.
Credit: Os Café
A color photograph of a cafe's interior, showing plants and a cold drink on the counter.
Credit: Os Café
A color photograph of a cafe's interior, showing plants and coffee-making supplies and bags of coffee beans.
Credit: Os Café
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