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WIA Hosts Minji Sohn
December 6, 2017
SVA Features: WIA Hosts Talk with Minji Sohn

SVA's Women in Animation Student chapter was pleased to welcome Character TD Minji Sohn from Framestore to speak with the students about a career in character rigging. Minji graduated from the BFA Computer Art department of SVA in 2015 and went straight on to a Rigging Technical Director position at Framestore. Minji worked as a lab assistant in the Computer Art department before receiving a rigging internship at Framestore in the summer of 2014 and excels in focuses such as modeling, rigging, and scripting.

During her visit, Minji gave a step-by-step presentation about the fundamentals of rigging and gave tips such as gathering references, sketching ideas, and creating blueprints of your character model. She also spoke about the technical obstacles to overcome when working with different types of characters and the importance of communication with the other departments in the studio. After the presentation, there was a Q & A where students were able to ask any technical or personal questions regarding rigging, Framestore, and Minji's journey to being a Character TD.

SVA Features: WIA Hosts Talk with Minji Sohn
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