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The 2020 Graduation Issue of ‘Visual Opinion’ Is Now Online

SVA’s student-run magazine features art and writing by undergraduates and graduates in the College’s various programs.

May 14, 2020 by Srishti Dass
A photo of the side of a body and an arm held out at a 90-degree angle against the wall
Credit: Brittany Oxley

The 2020 graduation issue of Visual Opinion (VO), SVA’s student-run magazine, is now available online. Presented by the VO staff, this latest edition highlights SVA’s class of 2020 and shows the culmination of their time and efforts at the College.

VO is a student-run magazine that showcases the diverse and talented members of the SVA student body. For each edition, the VO staff decides on a theme and selects submissions that best exemplify the College’s range of departments and disciplines, and that best fit their motif. Undergraduates and graduates in all programs are invited to submit work, and each issue features a multitude of mediums, including photography, illustration, comics, poetry, painting and sculpture. VO is published six times per year, and the annual graduation magazine is the sole issue reserved for contributions from graduating students.

Screenshot from the graduation issue of the Visual Opinion. Illustration by Simone Riccardi

An excerpt from the 2020 Graduation issue of Visual Opinion, SVA’s student-run magazine, featuring work by BFA Illustration student Simone Riccardi.

This year’s graduation issue aims to do more than just showcase talent—it acts as a way forVO to give something back to the graduating seniors who have faced a challenging final year amid the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic. The cover, featuring a photograph by BFA Photography and Video student Brittany Oxley, was specially handpicked by the team to represent the feeling of being bounded by walls and adjusting yourself to fit within them. The issue includes works that subtly hint at the pandemic, but, more importantly, it features works that will help everyone forget the stress, even if just for a second. 

VO's 2020 Graduation issue contributors are: Julian Alexander (BFA Illustration), Carley Brockwell (BFA Photography and Video), Cianna Cao (BFA Fine Arts), Emily Crawford (BFA Illustration), Kelly De Geer (MPS Fashion Photography), Emma Fasciolo (BFA Fine Arts), Carlos Flores (BFA Fine Arts), Edward Gia (BFA Photography and Video), Amina Gingold (BFA Photography and Video), Tyler Glenn (BFA Fine Arts), Yiyi Gu (BFA Fine Arts), Rebecca Guzzo (MFA Fine Arts), Tyler Hooks (MPS Fashion Photography), Miranda Jang (MAT Art Education), Lin Jiang (BFA Illustration), Seth Kenji (BFA Photography and Video), Sophia Kwan (BFA Design), Yuke Li (MFA Illustration as Visual Essay), Iain McDonald (BFA Photography and Video), Brittany Oxley (BFA Photography and Video), Titus McBeath (BFA Fine Arts), Cheyenne Morschl-Villa (BFA Photography and Video), Huiqin Peng (BFA Animation), Radhia Rahman (BFA Illustration), Simone Riccardi (BFA Illustration), Keara Saunders (BFA Photography and Video), Heather Suarez (BFA Photography and Video), Joebert Tupas (MPS Fashion Photography), Dora Wang (MFA Illustration as Visual Essay), Ming Wang (BFA Illustration), Ziqi Wang (BFA Photography and Video), Jiawei Yan (BFA Illustration), Yun Zhang (BFA Illustration) and Weihan Zhou (MFA Photography, Video and Related Media).


The Visual Opinion staffers are: Srishti Dass (BFA Fine Arts), editor-in-chief; Aline Rubin (BFA Design), head designer; Ori Haiblum (BFA Photography and Video), managing editor; Calvin Sheely (BFA Photography and Video), managing editor intern; Haze Hyejin Ryu (BFA Design), design intern; Cheryl Okonkwo (BFA Animation), editor-in-chief intern; and Maria Rovira-McCune, staff advisor.

Screenshot from the graduation issue of the Visual Opinion. Animation by Huiqin Peng

An excerpt from the 2020 Graduation issue of Visual Opinion, SVA’s student-run magazine, featuring work by BFA Animation student Huiqun Peng.