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SVA Portfolios: Five Most Discussed Projects of September 2017
September 25, 2017

The September roundup of the top five most-discussed projects from SVA Portfolios features award-winning graphic design work, a promo illustration for an imaginary airline, retro-inspired horror comic panels, and more.

Poster of large yellow skull exuding green smoke with pink shards and framed in pink.

5) Johnny Drombowski (BFA 2010 Illustration) The Horror

Book and card collection crown of prayers in yellow and black

4) Natalya Balnova (MFA 2013 Illustration as Visual Essay) Crown of Prayers

Vacation and visit Cuba

3) Chi Birmingham (MFA 2011 Illustration as Visual Essay) Illustration Roundup: March 2015

tablet displaying global news and trends

2) Daniel Rodriguez (BFA 2012 Graphic Design) Nomad Magazine

A woman wears two pairs of eye gel masks, one yellow pair under the eyes and one clear pair on top of the eyebrows.

1) Yulia Gorbachenko (MPS 2010 Digital Photography) Julia Jamin / Eclipse

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