Portrait Painting

Sep 21 - Nov 23
Saturday | 12:00PM-6:00PM
10 Sessions
12:00PM-6:00PM | 10 Sessions
John Parks
Instructor bio:

BFA, Hull College of Art; MA, Royal College of Art, London

Exhibitions include

Coe Kerr Gallery; Allan Stone Gallery; Segal Gallery; Wonderlich Gallery; Royal Academy, London

Clients include

CBS Records, New York magazine, Franklin Mint

Publications include

The New York Times, American Artist, Watercolor

Collections include

Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Royal College of Art, London

Awards include

National Endowment for the Arts, British Institute Award, Pears Portrait Commission

This comprehensive course in portrait painting will explore all you need to know to make realistic, fully illuminated portraits. It is perfect for beginners and will prove of immense value to even the most experienced professional. Each week will involve painting from the model with detailed instruction. We will begin with an examination of how color can be used to create palpable flesh and three-dimensional form. Subsequent projects will build from this foundation and incorporate paint layering and underpainting techniques, as well as a look at the mysteries of pose, posture and gesture. The simple break down of the features-nose, eyes, mouth, ears-will enable you to quickly incorporate them into your portrait with accuracy and credibility. Examples from masters′ work will be shown and discussed. Home assignments support and continue the work in class, and sometimes range to more experimental approaches to the portrait. <br> NOTE: A short video about the course and a materials list can be viewed at:
Course Number
6 CEUs