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And Then... MFA Visual Narrative 2020 Thesis Exhibition

July 31 - August 31, 2020
A graphic that reads And Then 2020 in big white letters on a dark but colorful background
Credit: Ella Romero (MFA 2017 Visual Narrative)

MFA Visual Narrative presents its annual thesis exhibition from the MFA Visual Narrative class of 2020. Curated by program faculty members Anelisa Garfunkel and Christina Roussos, the exhibition will be on view from Friday, July 31, through Monday, August 31, at

Curators' Statement:

A thesis is different from other art-making endeavors, where your personal transformation—through making and writing—is often private, with the end result sprung into the world fully formed. In the MFA Visual Narrative program, making a thesis requires vigorous collaboration with professors, a mentor and fellow students. It requires an openness to critique and clarity of artistic vision. This year, the 2020 graduates of the MFA in Visual Narrative present work in an array of media, styles and genres. What they have in common are themes that reflect the strength, confidence and personal growth that were required to tell these powerful and authentic stories in a critical time in their lives and in the world.

Confidence may seem like a strange storytelling theme, but not only do all of these stories explore personal growth—all of them represent the growth of the artist. Whether we are following a young woman tracing the story of her great aunt through internment, a young girl who falls through the rabbit hole and learns the true power of her creativity, or an artist’s life revealed through her artifacts, each story offers a portrait of tenacity shared by the artists themselves. These thesis projects represent two years and eight months of grit and determination, false starts and triumphs. While their stories began before this particular moment of public health and political crises, each one offers a new vision of adversity, bringing inspiring, exciting and emotional work into the world, filling a crucial need for sincere storytelling.

Featured artists: Lani Corwin, V.A. Doll, Marissa Jones, Ian Gabriel, Perri Greeley, Eva Louise Hall, Nada Mohammed, Pilar Newton, Susanne Reece, A.M. Sartor, Sarah Shaw, Michael Sheinkopf, Carol Silverman, Dan Streety and Andrew Taylor.

The MFA Visual Narrative program at SVA responds to the needs of today’s evolving creative markets by merging the artist and author. It’s an evolutionary process that puts story first and gives you the tools you need to craft your own stories and to help others craft theirs. More than just a degree program, MFA Visual Narrative offers a school of thought that immerses you in story.

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