Presented by BFA Fine Arts

In the Time of the Improbable

February 9 - 22, 2021
Sculpture using a traditional African mask with a bundle of jagged branches emerging from its mouth.

Emmanuel Massillon, Stick Talk (Riding Dirty), 2020, 22 x 7 ¾ x 34 inches

School of Visual Arts (SVA) presents “In the Time of the Improbable,” an exhibition of paintings, sculpture, video, new media and drawing by BFA Fine Arts students. Curated by BFA Fine Arts Chair Suzanne Anker and faculty members Nancy Chunn and Peter Hristoff (BFA 1981 Fine Arts), the exhibition will be on view from Tuesday, February 9, through Monday, February 22, at


Recently we have witnessed a series of improbable events, ranging from an attempted coup d’état of our democratic presidential election to the rapid speed at which COVID-19 vaccines have been developed to the ongoing cancelations of cultural events we have relied on.


Although we have been in the midst of an ongoing crisis, we continue to express our thoughts and feelings concerning the present state of affairs. From images of bullets and sticks to new media adaptations to fears of losing our homes in a tornado, emotions are running high. In this time of isolation and anxiety and loss, students continue to pursue their work, making visible their reactions, fantasies and comfort in expression. Details, gestures, textures are variously presented to offer rich visual and psychological projections. As we move through these dark times together, the importance of an interior life remains the touchstone for our well-being.


This exhibition features the artwork of Stephany Brown, George Johnson, Chae Eun Lee, Emmanuel Massillon, Sefa Ozdogan, Byron (Lupo) Smith and Zekai Zhang.