Brandstand: Belonging

Nov 15, 2019, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Brandstand: Beloinging

The MPS Branding alumni network invites you to Brandstand: Belonging — examining what it means to belong in a culture obsessed with difference.

Each day we wake up to a rapidly changing world. Seismic shifts are unfolding in identity, politics, climate change and technology—fundamentally reshaping a society that is hyper-connected yet increasingly fragmented. Belonging has become a conspicuous choice, forcing us to reconsider who we are, what sets us apart and where we fit. Through the lens of belonging, Brandstand 2019 will investigate the conditions for connection in a dynamic landscape and what this means for our work as creatives, activists, community members and professionals.

Through a series of talks with a panel of expert speakers, Brandstand will explore diverse cultural, creative and economic perspectives on belonging in an engaging format designed to provoke discussion and debate. RSVP here. If you can't make it in person, you can stream the event live here


Bob Bland, activist, designer, entrepreneur, mother and founding Co-President and a Board Member of Women's March

Jack Ferver, writer, director, choreographer, professor at Bard College and the host of Dance and Stuff podcast.  

Steven Heller, Co-Chair of SVA MFA Design, journalist, historian and design critic

Jessie McGuire, managing director of ThoughtMatter and AIGA NY Board Member

Chris Ying, editor of You and I Eat the Same, head of creative at David Change's Majordomo Media and former editor-in-chief of Lucky Peach magazine

Debbie Millman, Chair of MPS Branding and host of the Design Matters podcast

Each year through Brandstand, the MPS Branding alumni network puts a timely topic on "the stand" to dissect, debate and discuss it. The intent is to establish new ideas on the topic by bringing multidisciplinary perspectives to the table and to understand the impact on the practice of branding.

Free and open to the public