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Fall 2020 Orientation: Blog #8

Big City, Small Wallet; Welcome To SVA! You Never Know What Can Happen; and Be Brave! Critique is Empowering.

August 25, 2020
Illustration of pigeons.

This week’s post includes the Big City, Small Wallet program, a special project with BFA Design Chair, Gail Anderson and Alumni Zhipeng Zhu, and Part 2 of the program led by BFA Animation Chair, Hsiang Chin Moe and BFA Computer Arts Chair, Jimmy Calhoun. 

Big City, Small Wallet

Big City, Small Wallet, one of our most popular Orientation programs, includes information about how to best navigate NYC as a student on a budget. The program hosts, Dennis Mayer (Assistant Controller) and Alyana Gonzalez, (BFA Photo and Video, 2020) share their perspectives through this video.

Welcome to SVA! You Never Know What Can Happen

One of the great things about SVA is the ability to build professional connections while getting your education. BFA Design and BFA Advertising Department Chair, Gail Anderson, and BFA Design, 2013 Alumnus Zipeng Zhu, are a great example of a partnership that began through their SVA interactions and has continued many years later.

Be Brave! Critique Is Empowering

Lastly, we present Part 2 of the program led by BFA Animation Chair, Hsiang Chin Moe and BFA Computer Arts Chair, Jimmy Calhoun - Be Brave! Critique is Empowering. Being an artist, it is important to understand the importance of giving and receiving critique. In this video, Jimmy and Hsiang talk about how we collectively can create brace spaces for everyone to share their opinions while being respected and considered. Together, we grow as artists and as a community. This presentation is based on principles developed by artist and educator Mitch Goldstein.

Next week, we will present information about important resources from our Information Technology (IT) team at SVA and a special program with SVA international students and the One to World organization.

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