Find A Bestie: Join One of the Many and Varied SVA Student Clubs
September 17, 2019
SVA Clubs
<p "="">A color photo of a group of students gathered behind a table featuring comics and other merchandise.

Members of SVA’s Cartoon Allies organization, which is open to all majors, at a tabling event.

Looking to pursue an interest outside of class, make new friends or develop a new hobby? Clubs at SVA are organized through the Visual Arts Student Association (VASA), and they’re a great way to meet other students from across all departments, network, discover a new passion or just have fun and relieve stress. Find a club that matches your interests—or start your own. Anyone can submit an idea for a club by sending an email to Here’s an eclectic array of the clubs offered in fall 2019. Club registration happens at the start of each semester.
Animation Club
Discuss, work on and connect with those interested and involved in in the making and watching of animation. Activities include screenings, presentations, group critiques and more! Email:
Art Training Club
The Art Training Club’s goal is to improve students′ illustration concepts by analyzing top-tier illustrators′ work, making original work and engaging in group critique. Email:
Asian American Student Union
The Asian American Student Union promotes Asian American awareness and education, encouraging its many cultures within the SVA community. The union celebrates diverse Asian backgrounds and traditions from all over the world with fun, informative, and social events. All are welcome to join! Email:
Black Student Union
The BSU empowers, unites and shares knowledge among those who identify with the African Diaspora—the global communities that have resulted by descent from the historical migrations of Africans. All are welcome to join the conversation! Email:
Body Improvement Club
The Body Improvement Club (fight on!) helps young artists understand that taking care of your body is essential to being the best artist you can be. Through wellness tips, nutritional education and exercise plans, the club works to dispel the myth that says you must sacrifice your health to create good art. Email:
Cartoon Allies
Cartoon Allies unites students with a shared love for comics and cartoons. Its mission is to foster a spirit of camaraderie among cartoonists of all majors while strengthening ties to the larger cartoon sphere. Cartoon Allies has tables at multiple major conventions and hosts the annual comics festival Fresh Meat. It also provides SVA students with access to professional guest lectures and panels related to the professional cartooning career path. Email:
Chinese Student Organization
The CSO is a cultural club that provides a place for students to come together to develop and promote Chinese culture. Email:

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The SVA Chinese Student Organization at Junzi.

Figure Drawing Club
The Figure Drawing Club aims to build a community of artists (students of all majors are invited) who are interested in getting together to improve their drawing ability and develop stronger bonds with their fellow students. Email:
Furry SVA
Furry SVA is an inclusive club for everyone to enjoy a safe place to talk about fursonas, fursuits, history, and more. Email:
K9 Feline
K9 Feline explores the many different ways one can help shelter animals and raise awareness of dog and cat adoption. There will be multiple community service trips to adoption organizations in New York City, as well as visits to dog parks and cat cafés. Email:
La Bodega
La Bodega provides an opportunity to learn and appreciate Latinx/Hispanic culture through games, music and food. It aims to bring not only Latinx/Hispanic students at SVA together but also to promote the culture and inspire their own personal projects. Email:
League of Exceptional Content Curators
LECC aims to help students improve their storytelling, writing, staging and other skills by dissecting carefully curated, exceptionally bad media. Each meeting will focus on a different flawed movie or episode(s) of a television show, how the work could have been improved and how members can avoid making similar mistakes in their own work. Email:
This group provides students with a community space to share LGBTQIA+ experiences with fellow students, educational resources related to queer culture and safe sex, and a platform for students to be activists within the community. Activities will consist of regular group meetings, organized events and informative presentations. Email:
Music Club
Music Club provides an opportunity for members to share and discuss music and attend music events. Email:

A photo of the Black Student Union at SVA.
The Black Student Union at SVA.

South Asian Association
SAA is a club that allows for the South Asian community at SVA to engage in cultural activities and share their experiences and backgrounds with other students interested in learning more about the region, its people and its cultures. Email:
SVA Horror Society
The Horror Society is a group of students who come together and watch horror films because they love the genre or want to learn more about it. Email:
SVA Public Works
The purpose of SVA Public Works is to help SVA students understand and properly practice their abilities as creators and students away from campus, as members of the larger community. Its goal is to engage with the people of New York City and represent the College as the hub of incredible creators it is. Email:
SVA Tabletop
SVA Tabletop offers members the opportunity to play and discover different tabletop games. Meetings will include instruction on game-design technique and self-publishing using crowdfunding. Email:
SVA Zine Club
The SVA Zine club will explore all things zines! Zines are small, self-published booklets of art, writing or, well, anything. Learn about zines, make mini-zines and collaborate with fellow members to make one large collective zine per semester. For updates and more information, check out the club’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, @svazineclub. Email:
Taiwanese Student Association
The TSA is a community at SVA providing opportunities for students to learn about, engage with and enjoy Taiwanese culture and spiritual activities. Everyone is welcome! Email:
The Filipino American Club
The Filipino community within SVA is divided and eager to unite. The Filipino club’s goal is to not only create a community but to educate others on Pinoy culture. Email:
An approved organization based in SVA, the College’s UNICEF club will work with a year-long curriculum that empowers students to educate themselves about global humanitarian issues with educational resources and hands-on activities, including fundraising, travel and more. Email:
Veterans Coalition of Arts
The VCA is a collective of veteran-artists whose work reflects their personal experiences as a way to shape their artistic practices. Email:

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