SVA’s Art Education Department Adds New Degree Program
October 28, 2019 by Mae Ferguson
Seven people sitting in front of a dry erase board. Photograph by Jamie Chan, courtesy of MAT Art Education
From left: An image of a child doing a work sheet activity, and an image of seven people seated on the floor in front of a dry erase board, courtesy of Art Education.
Photographs courtesy of Art Education

Those who can, do and teach art” is a positive reworking of the old cynical maxim adopted here at SVA. And with the spirit of that adapted phrase, the College continues to expand its curriculum of teaching. This fall, SVA announced an addition to its graduate degree program with a Master of Arts (MA) in Art Education. This program joins the existing Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Art Education. The program will launch in fall 2020, with an application deadline of January 15, 2020. Dr. Catherine Rosamond chairs both Art Education degree programs. Designed for students who have completed an undergraduate major in studio art, both degrees can be completed either as a full-time, one-year intensive or as a two-year, part-time program.

Both graduate programs include coursework in art education, special education and general education, with some notable distinctions. While the 36-credit MAT program allows its students to become New York State certified art teachers, the 34-credit MA program will prepare its students for a more flexible artist-educator path in museum and community contexts. In addition to developing an educational philosophy while building on existing art practice, students of the MA program will gain experience working at art education programs that align with their particular interests. The MA program will include some offerings from other graduate departments within SVA, including MPS Art Therapy and MFA Fine Arts. In addition to courses in technology in art education, the artist as an educator, and museum studies, one of the distinguishing characteristics of the MA program is a required art education internship, in lieu of the student teaching requirement of the MAT program.

According to SVA Provost Dr. Christopher J. Cyphers, “We have come to learn that art education extends well beyond traditional classroom teaching, and, in our case, within New York State’s public schools. Graduates of the MA program will be equipped to teach at an independent school, and lead art education programs at, for example, museums and other cultural institutions, many of which are connected to, or a part of, a community-based organization. We believe this new MA program will appeal to a broad group of prospective students interested in art education, but who do not wish to pursue that path toward state certification and public school teaching.”

The Art Education faculty and alumni will present an overview of the MA and MAT programs, explaining coursework and answering any questions about admission requirements, portfolios, student teaching, schedules, teacher certification and the job market for K-12 art teachers, at two upcoming information sessions on December 12 and January 9 from 6:00 - 8:00pm at 132 W 21st Street, 4th floor.

Alumni from the Art Education graduate program have gone on to positions at LaGuardia High School, High School of Art and Design and NYC Lab Middle School for Collaborative Studies. Both the MA and MAT will be reviewed for accreditation under the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP) in 2022.

From left: An image of someone holding up a paper art piece, and a person stamping graphics onto a big decorated sheet of paperboy. Courtesy of Art Education.
Photographs courtesy of Art Education