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Voices @ SVA: BFA Photo And Video Student Georgia Raddon
June 4, 2019
A portrait of Georgia Raddon
A portrait of Georgia Raddon.
A portrait of Georgia Raddon.

Over the next few weeks, SVA will be highlighting students in our Voices series and having them share a bit about themselves as they finish up their second year. This week, we spoke to Georgia Raddon, a BFA Photography and Video undergraduate from Salt Lake City, Utah and heard about her SVA experience firsthand.
"I think when I first got to SVA, I was still in high school mode, just doing things because they were my homework. This semester I realized that I should be making the assignments fit with what I want to do for the rest of my life—fashion and editorial photography.
In my studio class, we have models come in on Wednesday mornings. I know how to communicate with people better. I've stepped up my game. I'm more comfortable going into the dressing room. One of the makeup artists complimented me for going back to see what they're doing, and building my set around that. He said that will get me far.
I did an internship last summer with Lauren Perlstein, a freelance photographer who does work for Bustle, Nylon, Popsugar and Refinery29. She went to high school with my crit teacher Alex McTigue. I learned a lot about the business side of photography, how to deal with clients and how to get jobs—I've even gotten a few jobs through her. I’m looking for another internship this summer.”
Find out more about Georgia Raddon on her website and her Instagram.

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