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SVA Responds to COVID-19

Read the latest on SVA’s response to the coronavirus and find the resources you need.

A group of 8 Animal Crossing characters gather in front of a schoolhouse with an SVA flag waving next to it. There are flowers on the lawn in front of all the characters
Credit: Hsiang Chin Moe
BFA Animation

For its last meeting of the spring 2020 semester, instead of gathering on Zoom, BFA Animation student representatives and staff members met with Program Chair Hsiang Chin Moe on her Animal Crossing island in all of their avatars. Left to right: Julisse Tinoco (third-year representative), Maria Rovira-McCune (Associate Director of Student Affairs), Sam Lee (assistant manager), Hsiang Chin Moe (Chair), Lillie Delecuona (second-year representative), Nick Piscitelli (coordinator), Mark Minnig (director of operations) and Kaylee Park (first-year representative).