Updates on the Fall 2020 Semester
News and information about SVA’s plans for online instruction, and more.
Acorn School Volunteer 2017
Acorn School Volunteer 2017
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Our Diverse Array of Clubs Can Connect You with Likeminded Classmates

Clubs register on a semesterly basis with the Student Engagement and Leadership office and are organized through the Visual Arts Student Association (VASA). A list of active clubs for the current semester can be downloaded using the link under the Resources section of this page (bottom).

Students can join any registered club or participate in club-sponsored activities. If a student has a particular interest they can create a club, if it does not currently exist. Clubs are not active during the summer term.

For questions regarding clubs or requests for information about club registration, please email clubs@sva.edu, or contact Kayla Vogel, Coordinator of Student Engagement and Leadership at kvogel@sva.edu.

Get connected to important information and event announcements through our Instagram @sva_engage or through VASA's account @VASA.SVA.

Club Directory Spring 2020

Asian American Student Union


The Asian American Student Union promotes Asian American awareness and education, encouraging our culture within the SVA community. We will celebrate our diverse Asian backgrounds from all over the world with fun, informative and social events. All are welcome to join us!

Black Student Union

Empowers, unites and shares knowledge among those who identify with the African Diaspora — the global communities that have resulted by descent from the historical migrations of Africans. All are welcome to join the conversation!

Cartoon Allies

Unites students with a shared love for comics and cartoons. Its mission is to foster a spirit of camaraderie among cartoonists of all majors while strengthening ties to the larger cartoon sphere. Cartoon Allies has tables at multiple major conventions and hosts the annual comics festival Fresh Meat. It also provides SVA students with access to professional guest lectures and panels related to the professional cartooning career path.

Chinese Student Organization


A cultural club that provides a place for students to come together to develop and promote Chinese culture.

Dance Club

Expresses body language through music by learning dance choreography together and gathering people with similar interests

Dungeons and Dragons

The D&D Club will host game sessions as well as workshops to help you build characters, develop settings and cultivate your dungeon master skills. From experienced DMs to total newcomers — all are welcome!

Figure Drawing Club


Aims to build a community of artists (all majors invited) who are interested in getting together to improve their drawing ability and build stronger bonds with their fellow students.

Film Club: Part II

We will screen and have discussions on a diverse array of films from around the world. All opinions are welcome. Students may also showcase their own short films if they want to. Film will be a zone to chill and chat about cinema.

Furry SVA


An inclusive club for everyone to enjoy a safe place to talk about fursonas, fursuits, history and more.

International Film Club

Explore World Cinema. Activities includes screenings and discussions regarding different films.

Korean International Student Association

KISA is a club that allows students to engage Korean culture and connect students to share their New York life at SVA and communicate as an artist.

La Bodega


Provides an opportunity to learn and appreciate Latino/Hispanic culture through games, music and food. Its aim is to bring not only Latino/Hispanic students at SVA together but also to promote the culture and inspire their own personal projects.


Provides students with a community space to share LGBT experiences with fellow students, educational resources related to queer culture and safe sex, and a platform for students to be activists within the community. Activities will consist of regular group meetings, organized events and informative presentations.

Music Club


Provides an opportunity for members to share and discuss music and attend music events.


Is a club for students to enjoy the art of cosplay. We'll discuss cosplans, prop making, sewing, styling wigs, makeup, cosplay conventions, etc. We will also organize cosplay groups!

SVA Gaming Guild

Offers members the opportunity to come together and play and discover different tabletop games. Meetings will include instruction on game-design technique and self-publishing using crowdfunding.

SVA Horror Society

A society of students who come together and watch horror films because they love the genre or want to learn more about it.

SVA Zine Club


The SVA Zine club will explore all things zines! Zines are small, self-published booklets of art, writing or well...anything! We will learn about zines, make mini-zines and ultimately make one large collective zine per semester in this club! For updates and more info, check us out on Twitter and Instagram.

Taxidermy Club

Provides a unique opportunity to practice and learn about a lesser known art form. This club aims to dispel taxidermy's reputation as a cruel practice by educating it's members about the process of bringing animals back to life and preserving their beauty after death.



An approved organization based in SVA. The club will work with a year-long curriculum that empowers students to educate themselves about global humanitarian issues with educational resources and hands-on activities, including fundraising, travel and more.

Veterans Coalition of the Arts


A collective of veteran-artists whose work reflects their personal experiences as a way to shape their artistic practices.

Women in Animation

Women in Animation aims to inspire and motivate young female students in the community as well as create opportunities to learn about the industry from the talented women who know it best through various workshops and events.