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SVA Responds to COVID-19

Read the latest on SVA’s response to the coronavirus and find the resources you need.

Billboard advertisement for NYC Taxis.

Advertising is all around us. From morning to night, we’re bombarded with ads on our smartphones, on our trains and taxis, on billboards, on TV and the Internet. Only the best can stand out from the cacophony.

Our professional faculty of ad creatives give you assignments and critiques that mimic real-world work and pitches.

How do you come up with those exceptional ideas? SVA has professional faculty who are currently working in the ad business as copywriters, art directors, entrepreneurs and more. They are uniquely situated to help you create clever concepts, write the best copy—and very importantly—how to convince others that your concept is the right one, and how to execute. We’ll help you get to where you want to be in advertising—be it for career change or career advancement.

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