Updates on Reopening SVA
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SVA.edu 4.0
EST. 2019

SVA.edu is set in Ringside, Sentinel and Obsidian, which are all typefaces drawn by Hoefler&Co. It was designed in New York City by SVA’s in-house design studio, the Visual Arts Press.

Anthony P. Rhodes, executive creative director

Gail Anderson, creative director

Eric Corriel, digital strategy director

Brian E. Smith, design director

Declan Van Welie, lead web designer and developer

Lainey Sidell, web content manager

Mark Maltais, art director

Linnea Taylor, multimedia designer

Josh Weingart, web designer

Anthony Carhuayo, senior designer

Sheilah Ledwidge, editor

Jennifer Liang, assistant director

With special thanks to Ryan Durinick, Sam Potts, Stephanie Gaito and Zipeng Zhu.

The website launched on Friday, December 13, 2019. The Visual Arts Press started redesigning it on Monday.