Updates on Reopening SVA
Click below for info on our plans for 2021-2022, including the vaccine requirement for all students, faculty and staff.
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General Inquiries

Financial Inquiries

  • Can CE Students Take Advantage of Discounts at the SVA Campus Store?

  • Do Alumni Receive a Discount for Continuing Education Courses?

  • Do Veterans Receive a Discount for CE Courses?

  • Is Financial Assistance Available for CE Courses?

  • Does the College Provide Tuition Discounts to Senior Citizens?

  • How and When Will I Receive a Refund for a CE Course from Which I Withdrew?

  • If My Employer Plans to Pay My Tuition, When Must I Pay for a CE Course?

Instructor Inquiries

  • Do Instructors Have Mailboxes?

  • Is It Possible to Obtain an Instructor's Phone Number?

  • Do CE Faculty Members Also Teach Undergraduate and Graduate Courses?

  • May I Speak with a CE Instructor about the Content of a Course before I Register?

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