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General Inquiries

Do CE Students Have Access to the Visual Arts Library?
Does the Division of Continuing Education Offer Certificate Programs?
Is It Possible to Audit a CE Course?
Will I Receive a School ID If I Register for a Continuing Education Course?
Is It Possible to Sit in on a Continuing Education Course?
Are There Any Exhibition Opportunities for CE Students and Alumni?
Do I Need to Submit a Portfolio to Take a CE Course?
How Do I Apply CE Courses toward a Degree Program?
How Do I Change a Grade I Received in a CE Course?
I Am an International Student. If I Register for a Continuing Education Course, Will I Be Issued an I-20 Visa?
If I Am Taking a CE Course in Which a Computer Is Needed to Complete Assignments, Can I Use the Sva Computer Lab?
If I know I will not be able to attend CE class on a specific day, may I send someone in my place?
If I Withdraw from a CE Course Will I Still Receive a Grade?
Once Registered for a CE Course, Will I Automatically Receive the Next Semester's Course Bulletin?
What Does CEU Stand For?
Who May Use SVA’s Career Development Office?
Will My Current College Accept CEUs from the School of Visual Arts?

Financial Inquiries

Can CE Students Take Advantage of Discounts at the SVA Campus Store?
Do Alumni Receive a Discount for Continuing Education Courses?
Do Veterans Receive a Discount for CE Courses?
Is Financial Assistance Available for CE Courses?
Does the College Provide Tuition Discounts to Senior Citizens?
How and When Will I Receive a Refund for a CE Course from Which I Withdrew?
If My Employer Plans to Pay My Tuition, When Must I Pay for a CE Course?

Instructor Inquiries

Do Instructors Have Mailboxes?
Is It Possible to Obtain an Instructor's Phone Number?
Do CE Faculty Members Also Teach Undergraduate and Graduate Courses?
May I Speak with a CE Instructor about the Content of a Course before I Register?

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