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SVA Responds to COVID-19

Read the latest on SVA’s response to the coronavirus and find the resources you need.

Summer 2020 Registration Is Now Open

During this coronavirus pandemic, the Division of Continuing Education remains hopeful to offer a variety of courses both in-person and online.

Credit: Danielle Durchslag, SVACE Student
Eleanor of Illinois Teaser by Danielle Durchslag, SVACE Student

The film industry is booming in New York City. Each year, more and more television and movie productions are being shot in New York, and that means more and more job opportunities. In addition to the entertainment industry, talented filmmakers are in demand in fields such as journalism, advertising and education.

The art of filmmaking—writing, cinematography, music, editing, sound—can inspire and influence people and the world around us.

We offer courses covering pre- and post-production, including cinematography, lighting, sound, directing, production design and editing. We even offer a digital filmmaking course where you'll produce your own short.

We also offer courses in screenwriting for film and television—which include instruction on how to pitch such ideas. We have acting and comedy improv courses. And for those of you interested in studying and analyzing—rather than making films—we have courses for you in film appreciation and critique.

Our courses are taught by a faculty of directors, agents, producers, directors of photography, screenwriters and actors. They will all tell you that getting a break or moving up in the film industry is often about networking. Where better to start building a network than by signing up for a course and meeting like-minded people.

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