Updates on the Fall 2020 Semester
News and information about SVA’s plans for online instruction and more.
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Details Regarding The Division of Continuing Education at SVA (SVACE)

Registration Details

Registration for fall 2020 is now open. Please visit SVA’s coronavirus response webpage for information and resources.

The Division of Continuing Education fall 2020 program offers a variety of course schedules to accommodate students. We have courses and workshops that begin throughout the semester. Please refer to individual course listings for dates and times.

FALL COURSES BEGIN: Monday, September 28 2020

Please refer to each course for detailed information.

Online Registration

To register online, view the online course listing for courses and their availability.

Late Registration

Once a course has begun, you may register with the Registrar's Office in the following ways: by fax, telephone or in person. Courses already in session can be added according to the following schedule:

  • For courses of 10 or more sessions, you must enroll prior to the third class session.
  • For courses of 5 to 9 sessions, you must enroll prior to the second class session.
  • For intensive and weeklong courses, you must enroll prior to the first class session.

Registration Cancellation

To withdraw from a course you must notify the Registrar's Office, in writing, of your intention to withdraw. You may do so by e-mailing your withdrawal to dropaddce@sva.edu; by sending written notification via fax or mail; or by completing a withdrawal form, in person, at the Registrar's Office. Failure to complete a course does not constitute official withdrawal, nor does notification to the instructor, nor does lack of attendance, nor does dissatisfaction with a course.

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