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Risograph Printing for Drawing and Painting

Jun 8 - Aug 17
Saturday 10:00 AM-1:30 PM 10 sessions
Saturday 10:00 AM-1:30 PM 10 sessions
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Andrew Alexander,

Cartoonist, illustrator, printmaker, publisher

Drawing is a universal visual language. In this course students will create art using Risograph printing by way of hand-drawn images to create a new expanse of possibilities from their work. Both new and old work will be used to extensively explore the palettes and textures, and the capabilities of the Risograph process. Experimentation with a variety of tools and techniques to develop a language of mark-making will be encouraged. Students will use the Risograph printing process to make new work and reproduce previously created projects. A new practice will emerge from the discoveries that occur during this process. In-class experiments, discussions, assignments and critiques will culminate in a handmade zine project.
NOTE: This course is held on campus at SVA.
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3.5 CEUs
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