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Never Stop Learning because Life Never Stops Teaching, artwork by Miranda Jang, MAT 2020

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The art classroom is a place where young learners are given the opportunity to explore and develop their personal dreams and goals, and to think independently. The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and Master of Arts (MA) programs in Art Education provide a hands-on learning environment where student teachers investigate educational issues and techniques, develop their own educational philosophies and continue creating personal artwork.

The programs take a learner-centered approach to art education that emphasizes collaboration and community and address the needs of diverse populations, including those with special needs.

Designed for students who have completed an undergraduate major in studio art, the graduate degree (MA or MAT) in Art Education can be completed either as a full-time, one-year intensive or as a two-year, part-time program—ideal for those who want to continue working while they complete the course work to become an art teacher.

Our faculty is comprised of professional artist/teachers who are experts at training artists to apply their creative skills to teaching art to children in pre-kindergarten through grade classroom 12. The program provides the foundations and psychology of education as they are applied to diverse elementary school and secondary school populations. Seminar courses investigate age-appropriate materials, processes and educational concepts, which students then apply directly to practice in schools and other educational settings. Individualized student teaching and internship placements are made at carefully selected public schools and arts organizations throughout the city. Our courses provide students with further training in varied approaches to teaching art. The program culminates with the completion of a teaching portfolio, master’s thesis and a final gallery exhibition.

At SVA, we believe that to teach art, you should first be an artist who can use the power of art to open the eyes and minds of young learners to new experiences and individual fulfillment. Our program is for artists who want to become teachers and make a difference.

Why We Stand Out:
  • Learn the foundations of education and develop confidence with lesson planning

  • Experience the depth and breadth of what it means to be an art educator today, by working with students in homeless shelters, public schools and museums

  • Learn how art education can benefit society through respect for differences in culture, perspective and personal choice

  • Study the relationships between art and social-emotional issues, including self-awareness, social justice, empathy and problem-solving

Student Work

More About the Department

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program provides the course work and student teaching required for he New York State Initial Teacher Certification in Art, pre-K through grade 12. We concentrate on teaching students with diverse backgrounds and needs, and the gifted and talented. The use of computer technology in art education and integrated curricula are included.

The program is also geared to teach effective collaboration with school administrators, parents and caregivers, members of the community, and staff members of relevant agencies and cultural institutions.

][[[78Course work relates directly to fieldwork and student teaching through discussion of course development, classroom management and age-appropriate application of educational theory. MAT students are required to complete 100 hours of fieldwork and 18 weeks of student teaching in public elementary, middle and high school placements under SVA faculty supervision. This track also includes all work- shops required for New York State Teaching Certification, including Identification and Reporting of Child Abuse; Needs of Children with Autism; Violence and Prevention Training; and Dignity for All Students (DASA) Training in Harassment and Bullying, Cyberbullying and Discrimination in Schools.

The Master of Arts (MA) program is geared towards candidates who wish to teach art to children in different capacities including museum education, non-profit organizations, early childhood art programs and private schools.

All Art Education degree candidates must successfully complete the full program, including all required courses, with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0. Course work can be completed in a three-semester program, or in a part-time, two-year program. In the final semester, each student is required to complete a thesis project, which must be reviewed and approved by the thesis director and the department chair in order for the student to be eligible for degree conferral.