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Degree Requirements

MFA Fine Arts is a full-time, interdisciplinary graduate program in the practice of contemporary art. We offer six kinds of courses: Mentorship, Studio, Crit, Talks, Seminars and Workshops. The normal course of study is two years of full-time enrollment. Satisfactory progress usually means that students complete 15 credits each semester, and pass an annual review of work. Students are required to register for Mentorship (3 credits), Studio (1 credit), 2 Crits (1.5 credits each) and Talks (2 credits) every semester.

Students have flexibility in Seminars and Workshops: In a given semester they can take any combination of Seminars and Workshops totaling 18 credits over their course of study.

Note: Courses in other departments may be substituted for Seminars and Workshops with permission from both the student’s advisor and the chair.

General Requirements

  • Completion of 60 credits, including all required courses, with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (B). Completion of a thesis project, a thesis catalogue and a thesis presentation, each with a grade of B or higher, and pass an annual review of work. Documentation of all thesis projects must be on file in the MFA Fine Arts Department to be eligible for degree conferral. 
  • A matriculation of two academic years. Students must complete their degree within four years, unless given an official extension by the provost.
  • Requirements - First Year

  • Requirements - Second Year

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