Degree Requirements

The two-year curriculum in Illustration as Visual Essay is designed to capitalize on the technical facility required of students upon entrance to the program. As a result, the program breaks into two distinct parts.

The first year concentrates on teaching additional technical skills and introduces students to the necessity of achieving a personal viewpoint as an illustrator.

The second year allows students to put into practice the lessons of the first year, through the course Thesis Project: Visual Essay.

The program operates on a pass/fail grading system with individual reviews each year. At the end of the first year, students must receive an acceptable review from the faculty panel in order to go on to the second year. 

In the final semester, each student is required to complete a thesis project, which must be reviewed and approved by the thesis committee and the department chair in order for the student to be eligible for degree conferral.

Degree candidates must successfully complete 60 credits, including all required courses. A residency of two academic years is required. In exceptional instances transfer credit may be awarded. Decisions concerning transfer of credit are made by the committee on graduate admissions.

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