Updates on the 2020-2021 Academic Year
SVA continues remote instruction, with select facilities accessible by appointment. Click below for updates.
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Humanities and Sciences is the largest department at the School of Visual Arts, serving nearly every undergraduate student. We offer more than 200 courses, taught by instructors who are writers, historians, filmmakers, musicians, lawyers, archaeologists, psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, social activists, scientists, artists, poets and journalists—busy makers and heavy thinkers.

More About the Department

Our curriculum is both classic and modern, encompassing 15 disciplines. Through rich course offerings and diverse, active and committed instructors, H&S encourages students to engage with big questions, sharpen inquiry and analysis, communicate effectively, explore theories and principles of science and the social sciences, increase intercultural knowledge and become better citizens.

Studies in humanities and sciences will help you better understand your work as an artist, clarify your intentions, articulate your vision.

Our courses introduce you to a multitude of great thinkers' ideas, giving you an opportunity to project your perspective through the prism of many different minds. Your point of view will open up, your eye will widen—and your art will reflect the world.

  • Resources, Programs and Events

    Writing Resource Center

    Writing Program

    Kaleidoscope, Word and Multimedia Variety Show is an annual spring event featuring spoken word, visual art, music and dance performed by SVA students and faculty.

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Contact: Laurie Johenning
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