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Alumni Affairs: Notes + Exhibitions

The latest professional news from the SVA alumni community

May 5, 2021
A photograph of a grid of 27 primarily blue artworks hung on a gallery wall.

Adebunmi Gbadebo (BFA 2017 Fine Arts), True Blue: 18th Hole II, 2019, human hair, cotton, denim, rice paper, hair dye, pigment and silk-screened documents.

Credit: Adebunmi Gbadebo

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Two illustrations side by side: On the left is an image showing a person reaching through a mailbox and having their hand grabbed by a person on the other side of the wall. The image on the right shows a person near the bottom of the stairs in a building lobby, looking down toward an irregularly shaped hallway.

From left: Liam Eisenberg (MFA 2019 Illustration as Visual Essay), Kajillionaire (for The New Yorker), 2020, pen and ink, acrylic paint and digital color; Jiawen Chen (MFA 2020 Illustration as Visual Essay), Conversation 03, 2020, digital. 

Credit: Liam Eisenberg/Jiawen Chen

Group Efforts

Gail Anderson (BFA 1984 Media Arts), Gil Ashby (MFA 1986 Illustration as Visual Essay; BFA 1982 Media Arts), Bobby C. Martin, Jr. (MFA 2003 Design) and Michele Washington (MFA 2011 Design Criticism) were featured in “The Black Experience in Graphic Design: 1968 and 2020,” Letterform Archive, 7/8/20.

Loryn Brantz (BFA 2007 Animation), Kyra Kupetsky (BFA 2015 Animation) and Jun Zee Myers (BFA 2004 Computer Art) were panelists on “BuzzFeed Animation: Any Women? Yeah, a Ton!,” ACM SIGGRAPH Diversity and Inclusion Summit, 8/22-8/23/20.

Eugenia Mello (MFA 2017 Illustration as Visual Essay) and Zipeng Zhu (BFA 2013 Design) had work in a group exhibition co-organized by Rich Tu (MFA 2009 Illustration as Visual Essay), which featured BIPOC and LGBTQ+ artists in celebration of the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards, Atlantic Terminal, NYC, 8/24-9/6/20.

Zachary Krevitt (BFA 2014 Photography) curated and Molly Matalon (BFA 2014 Photography) had work in the group exhibition “Towards Utopia: Pro-Sex, Anti-Fascist,” 9/1-9/30/20.

Two images side by side: On the left is a photograph of a person in a face mask, posed in front of a colorful poster in a subway station. On the right is a colorful, horizontally oriented illustration of a number of figures who appear to be dancing.

From left: Zipeng Zhu (BFA 2013 Design) poses in front of his artwork Time & Space, 2020, at an MTV-sponsored exhibition in Atlantic Terminal, Brooklyn; Eugenia Mello (MFA 2017 Illustration as Visual Essay), Space Dance, 2020, featured in the same exhibition.

Credit: Zipeng Zhu/Eugenia Mello

Emmanuelle Glazier, Grace Kim and Heather Suarez (all BFA 2020 Photography and Video) were featured in “Fall Fashion, through the Eyes of 2020 Graduates,” Elle, 9/3/20.

Jordan Cruz (MFA 2019 Photography, Video and Related Media; BFA 2015 Photography) and Philip Garber (BFA 2017 Photography and Video) had work in the group exhibition “Texts,” Haul Gallery, NYC, 9/5-10/4/20.

Emilio Lopez (BFA 2004 Cartooning) and Mark Morales (BFA 1991 Cartooning) were featured in “Central Park Birder Turns Clash Into Graphic Novel About Racism,” The New York Times, 9/9/20.

Rosie Brock (BFA 2018 Photography and Video) and Efrem Zelony-Mindell (BFA 2011 Photography) contributed work to Photographers for Southwest Louisiana’s fundraiser, 9/15/20.

Adam Bohorquez (BFA 2020 Animation) received an honorable mention for Millennium Hour (2020); and MFA 2020 Computer Arts alumni Han Chen ChangZhike Yang and Wenjie Wu received an honorable mention for RenaiDance (2020), Women in Animation Class of 2020 Showcase, 9/17/20.

Martin Ahlgren (BFA 2000 Film and Video)was nominated for Outstanding Cinematography for a Limited Series for The Plot Against America; Ava Berkofsky (BFA 2005 Photography) was nominated for Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series for Insecure (2016- ), for the second year in a row; John Paino (BFA 1983 Fine Arts) received two nominations for Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Contemporary Program: one for The Morning Show (2019-), another for Big Little Lies (2017- ); Rebecca Sugar (BFA 2009 Animation) was nominated for Outstanding Short Form Animated Program for Steven Universe Future (2019-20); Katherine Morris (BFA 2008 Animation) was supervising director for the nominated episode, “Fragments,” Television Academy 72nd Emmy Awards, 9/18/2020. 

Monique Henry-Hudson (BFA 2011 Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects) and David Heredia (BFA 2002 Animation) were introduced as the co-heads of the BFA Animation and BFA Computer Art Equity Alliance, School of Visual Arts, NYC, 9/25/20.

Credit: Daniela Dwek, Crisy Baek and Maya Mendonca

Daniela Dwek, Chrisy Baek and Maya Mendonca (all BFA 2020 Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects), Hamsa, 2020, animated short.

Chrisy Baek, Daniela Dwek and Maya Mendonca (all BFA 2020 Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects) were the recipients of a 2020 Student Academy Award in Animation (Domestic Film Schools) for Hamsa (2020), 47th Student Academy Awards, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, 10/21/20.

Ian Jones-Quartey (BFA 2006 Animation) and Rebecca Sugar (BFA 2009 Animation) developed a series of short antiracist PSAs for Cartoon Network; the videos can be seen at crystalgemsspeakup.com and were featured in Steven Universe Characters Lead Cartoon Network’s New Antiracism PSAs,” The Los Angeles Times, 10/29/20.

KAWS, a.k.a. Brian Donnelly (BFA 1996 Illustration) and Justine Kurland (BFA 1996 Photography) were featured in “‘Good Luck, America’: Artists and Arts Workers React to the Nail-Biting U.S. Presidential Election on Social Media—See Their Posts Here,” Artnet, 11/4/20.

Credit: Cartoon Network

Don’t Deny It—Defy It (2020), an animated short directed by Ian Jones-Quartey (BFA 2006 Animation) and Rebecca Sugar (BFA 2009 Animation) in collaboration with Chromosphere.

Marcela Casals (MFA 2017 Fine Arts) and Georgia Lale (MFA 2016 Fine Arts) had work included in the group exhibition “The Immigrant Artist Biennial 2020: Mother Tongue Performances Part One,” Georgia Lale Studio, NYC, 11/15/20.

Katherine Bernhardt (MFA 2000 Fine Arts), Elizabeth Peyton (BFA 1987 Fine Arts), Kenny Scharf (BFA 1981 Fine Arts), Lorna Simpson (BFA 1982 Photography) and Sarah Sze (MFA 1997 Fine Arts) had work included in the Artist Plate Project 2020, benefiting the Coalition for the Homeless, Artware, 11/16/20.

A photograph of a plate printed with a painting of two E.T.s.

Plate by Katherine Bernhardt (MFA 2000 Fine Arts) for the Artist Plate Project 2020, benefiting the Coalition for the Homeless.

Credit: Katherine Bernhardt
A photograph of a plate bearing a blue and white design or painting.

Plate by Sarah Sze (MFA 1997 Fine Arts) for the Artist Plate Project 2020, benefiting the Coalition for the Homeless.

Credit: Sarah Sze

Jiawen Chen (MFA 2020 Illustration as Visual Essay) and Liam Eisenberg (MFA 2019 Illustration as Visual Essay) were featured in “28 Emerging Illustrators to Support and Follow for Inspiration in 2021,” Creative Boom, 11/23/20.

Rosson Crow (MFA 2006 Fine Arts; BFA 2004 Fine Arts), Albiona Hodsoll (BFA 2016 Visual & Critical Studies) and Gideon Rubin (BFA 1999 Fine Arts) had work in the group exhibition “Future Dreams Virtual Art Exhibition and Auction,” Future Dreams, 11/23-11/30/20.

A gently colorful multimedia artwork showing four people wearing long dresses and standing in or near outdoor baths set in the grass outside of a pink building.

María Berrío (MFA 2009 Illustration as Visual Essay), A Last View of the Sky, 2019, collage with Japanese paper and watercolor paint on canvas.

Credit: María Berrío

Individual Notes

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