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Celebrate SVA’s Class of 2021 with ‘Visual Opinion: Graduation’

The student-run magazine features art and writing by undergraduates and graduates in the College’s various programs.

May 14, 2021 by Srishti Dass and Ori Haiblum
Cover of Vol. 27 Issue 4 of the Visual Opinion. It says "graduation" in colorful scattered block letters

The front cover of SVA’s student publicationVisual Opinion: Graduation (Vol. 27 Issue 4).

The latest edition of Visual Opinion (VO), SVA’s student-run magazine is now online!


Published at the end of each academic year, the graduation-themed issue of VO celebrates the diverse work of the College’s latest group of soon-to-be alumni. As it adapted to uncontrollable circumstances, the class of 2021 managed to find harmony through creation in the most challenging times. Referencing each of this semester’s issues of VO, the editor’s note reminds us, “Don’t forget to give a louder expression to your gifts, that you are still a work in progress, dare to transcend the portals that will feed your evolution, and keep learning, even after our graduation!”

A spread in the Visual Opinion. Left: A drawing of a person slipping off a cliff that reads "Nervous about the real world." There is a large version of the drawing next to a grid of 10 smaller versions. Right: Image credit written in yellow on red

Emily Battaglia (BFA Illustration), Nervous About the Real World, 2021, gouache and colored pencils. Spread from Visual Opinion: Graduation.

Credit: Emily Battaglia

A physical, hardcover copy of the graduation issue will be distributed to the entire SVA class of 2021. The letters on the cover are spaced out, representing how the class of 2021 has been remotely creating and working far from one another over the past year; they are also embossed on the print edition, to give a sensory, 3D aspect to the book. The back cover features an image of nature by Yuhan Yu (BFA Photography and Video), with a quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince, conveying a sense of hope and comfort for what the future holds for the graduating student-artists.

For each edition, the VO staff selects a theme and submissions that best exemplify the College’s range of departments and disciplines and which best fit the motif. Students from all programs are invited to submit work, and each issue features a variety of mediums, including photography, illustration, comics, poetry, painting and sculpture. Follow VO on Instagram to keep up with submission announcements. Find past issues online here.

Back cover of Vol. 27 Issue 4 of the Visual Opinion. It features a photos of a hilly landscape with trees and a blue sky and a quote from the Little Prince.

The back cover of SVA’s student publicationVisual Opinion: Graduation. Photograph by Yuhan Yu (BFA Photography and Video).

Credit: Yuhan Yu

The contributors to Visual Opinion: Graduation are Emily Battaglia (BFA Illustration), Carlos Becerra (BFA Photography and Video), Alessandra Bonizzi (BFA Photography and Video), Olivia Boryczewski (BFA Design), Niki Brisnovali-Grillakis (BFA Photography and Video), Zihao Chen (BFA Fine Arts), Julia Nonaka Colletes (BFA Visual & Critical Studies), Srishti Dass (BFA Fine Arts), Niaya DeLisio (BFA Photography and Video), Chris Facey (BFA Photography and Video), Kat Franczak (BFA Photography and Video), Abbey Gilbert (BFA Photography and Video), Jonathan Glam (BFA Photography and Video), Bree Gore (BFA Fine Arts), Ori Haiblum (BFA Photography and Video), Yuhan Hu (BFA Photography and Video), Antonia-Marie Kim (BFA Fine Arts), Nathan Kim (BFA Design), Shelley Lake (MFA Art Practice), Mingzi Ma (BFA Illustration), Georgia Raddon (BFA Photography and Video), Farwah Rizvi (BFA Fine Arts), Dioni Rodriguez (BFA Photography and Video), Aline Rubin (BFA Design), Sophia Santella (BFA Fine Arts), Calvin Sheely (BFA Photography and Video), Lidia Tomaj (BFA Fine Arts), Marcela Valenzuela (BFA Photography and Video) and Haofeng Yu (BFA Photography and Video).

The Visual Opinion staffers are Srishti DassOri HaiblumAline Rubin and Calvin Sheely; interns are Shuyu Li, Elizabeth Masser and Irene Tsay; the VO staff advisor is Maria Rovira-McCune (associate director, Student Affairs).

A spread in the Visual Opinion. Left:  Image credit written in green on yellow. Right: A photo of a woman starring at the camera while sitting on a couch and breastfeeding a baby. There is a large version of the photo next to a grid of 10 smaller versions.

Abbey Gilbert (BFA Photography and Video), Chanel Breastfeeding Her Son, Ace, 2021, archival inkjet print. Spread from Visual Opinion: Graduation.

Credit: Abbey Gilbert
A spread in the Visual Opinion. Left:  Image credit written in black on white. Right: An installation featuring hanging printed news articles, hangers, cabinets of pills, and a rolling dolly. There is a large version of the installation photo next to a grid of 10 smaller versions.

Antonia-Marie Kim (BFA Fine Arts), To Open, To Swallow, To Repeat, 2020, pills, coat hangers, fabric, vellum, acrylic plexiglass and wood. Spread from Visual Opinion: Graduation.

Credit: Antonia-Marie Kim