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SVA Semifinalists in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2016

SVA students and recent alumni receive 46 Semifinalist citations

August 19, 2016 by Sam Shillet
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Concept branding for Brooklyn Bridge Park by semifinalist and MFA Design student Mira Khandpur.

SVA received 46 individual semifinal citations for the 2016 Adobe Design Achievement Awards representing work by 15 graduate students and 12 undergraduates from five departments. BFA Design received 21 project semifinalist citations, MFA Illustration as Visual Essay received nine citations, MFA Computer Art and MFA Design both received six and MPS Digital Photography had four citations. This year marks Adobe’s 16th annual student design competition.

Semifinalists were chosen in July with final award winners to be announced in September. The work will be judged by 13 top creative professionals.

SVA Features: SVA and the Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2016
SVA Features asset

The judging criteria are as follows:
1. project originality and creative excellence
2. effectiveness in meeting a communication objective
3. demonstrating skills in applying Adobe products towards these ends.

SVA Features: SVA and the Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2016
SVA Features asset

Success at the awards means a host of prizes and opportunities for semifinalists, finalists and winners. Semifinalists will be awarded an “Adobe bootcamp,” as well as a certificate from the ADAA. Finalists will be rewarded with a year-long creative residency with Adobe, a meeting with industry leaders and a one-year Adobe Creative Cloud membership worth $599. Winners will receive a trip to San Diego to attend Adobe MAX.

The SVA semifinalists are Sabri Akin (MFA 2016 Design), Angelique Ambrosio (MPS 2016 Digital Photography), Sangwook Baek (BFA 2016 Design), Wanjun Bei (MFA 2015 Computer Art), Audrey Jungwon Choe (BFA 2016 Design), Eun Sung Do (BFA 2016 Design), Nico Gao (MFA 2016 Computer Art), Luke Guyer (BFA Design), Sungpyo Hong (BFA Design), Shirley Huong (BFA 2016 Design), Lulu Jiang (MFA 2016 Computer Art), Mira Khandpur (MFA Design), Sandra Kleinwechter (MFA 2016 Design), Jaedoo Lee (BFA 2016 Design) , Min Lee (BFA 2015 Design), David Leutert (MFA Illustration as Visual Essay), Jihyang Lim (BFA 2016 Design), Jeff Lowry (MFA 2016 Illustration as Visual Essay), Anaele Pelisson (MFA Design), Nicole Rifkin (MFA Illustration as Visual Essay), Goeun [Chloe] Seo (MFA 2016 Design), Melody Shih (MFA 2016 Computer Art), Yafei Wang (MFA 2016 Design), Jelly Wei (MFA 2016 Computer Art), Mori Wu (MFA 2016 Computer Art), Xiaohua Yang (MFA Illustration as Visual Essay) and Jieun Yoon (BFA 2016 Design).

SVA Features: SVA and the Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2016

For more information visit the ADAA website.