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ContinuEd Project Space: Linda Loh

Students Share their Creativity at SVACE

July 6, 2021 by Continuing Education
Here is a computer generated image of a coiled alien creature emerging in front of a landscape of glacier-like terrain.

Art by Linda Loh

We’re pleased to update our ContinuEd Project Space with artwork by Linda Loh. Linda created this artwork in conjunction with the courses, CINEMA 4D and After Effects Integration and Coding for Artists.

The artist writes:

I am preoccupied by ideas around light-based phenomena.

Using digital tools, I distort and transform photographs and videos that mostly originate from everyday sources of light. The results are abstract composites of indeterminate forms, perhaps slow moving, often colorful, and usually retaining their inherent luminosity. Little is obvious for the rational mind to grasp.

This work, from the Cinema 4D and After Effects Integration course with Adam Meyers, was the beginning of my adventures in digital 3D space, which continued into my recently completed MFA thesis project, made to be experienced in virtual reality. It was exciting to be able to expand my way of working, and give new form to my imagery, both moving and still. 

See more of Linda Loh’s art at lindaloh.com and on Instagram: @__lindaloh__ 

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