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On View at SVA in December and January: Forward-Thinking Art, Design and Storytelling
December 15, 2020 by Maeri Ferguson
A predominantly blue illustration featuring a dreamlike scene of hanging lanterns, birds, wispy clouds and a lone figure holding either a lamp or a flame.

Danlin Zhang, Stars can light up the dark night, 2020, ink and digital, from “The Book Show,” on view through Saturday, January 16, 2021.

Can it really be the end of the year? At SVA, the 2020 exhibition calendar was all about celebrating the work of our incredible student and alumni community, and the transition to 2021 will hopefully be made just a little sweeter with the handful of shows on display these next few weeks. Photography, interior design, fine art and more are available for viewing in our virtual galleries and in our Flatiron gallery space. Ring in the new year with SVA and we’ll see you in the galleries next year!

A rendering of an architectural design, showing a building interior with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out onto a landscaped exterior on the left, and open staircases on the right.

Xixian Shu, The Audubon, from “Buildings Transformed by Interior Design,” on view through Saturday, January 9, 2021.

Through Saturday, January 9, 2021, the BFA Interior Design: Built Environments class of 2020 presents “Buildings Transformed by Interior Design,” an exhibition of thesis projects curated by senior thesis faculty Gita Nandan, RA, and Anthony Lee. You can view the works virtually at svaidbethesis2020.com, as well as in the SVA Flatiron Windows space, at 133/141 West 21st Street, via monitors that are visible from the sidewalk. “The themes that dominate the work are relevant to the issues of our planet,” says department chair Dr. Carol Bentel, FAIA, FIIDA, ASID. “The graduates’ projects focus on such topics as sustainability, the environment, recycling, spiritual values, well-being, the restoration of dying arts, energy renewal, the revival of local cultural values, helping sidelined communities be included, the nurturing of children and adaptively reusing abandoned buildings.”

A large photo-collage of artworks of various mediums.

Works and details of works from in “2020 Visions,” a juried exhibition of work by SVA’s class of 2020, on view through Saturday, January 16, 2021.

On view through Saturday, January 16, “2020 Visions” features work from the class of 2020, a group affected like no other in the history of SVA. The 60 selected artworks inspired by this whirlwind year are juried by five notable SVA alumni—José Carlos Casado (MFA 2001 Computer Art), Dana Davenport (BFA 2015 Photography and Video), Chioma Ebinama (MFA 2016 Illustration as Visual Essay), Nadia Haji Omar (MFA 2014 Fine Arts) and Jocelyn Tsaih (BFA 2015 Graphic Design). Among other adversities, many of these students were deprived of the opportunity to have a gallery exhibition of their work this past spring, and “2020 Visions” aims to correct that.

A predominantly blue and red silk-screen artwork.

Carles Garcia O’Dowd, Welcome, 2020, silk screen, edition of 10. From “The Book Show,” on view through Saturday, January 16, 2021.

In the annual exhibition “The Book Show,” on view through Saturday, January 16, MFA Illustration as Visual Essay students consider whether a book’s impact is dependent upon a reader being able to hold it in their hands. Redefining “The Book Show” in a virtual space during the ongoing pandemic became the task for this year’s degree candidates. And they have met the moment—delivering the resplendent, diverse and thought-provoking bodies of work presented here. 

A simple graphic featuring solid colors, star shapes and text, advertising the SVA BFA Fine Arts Open Studios 2020 event.

The BFA Fine Arts and MFA Fine Arts departments at SVA will hold virtual open studios in December and January.

And finally, the College’s BFA Fine Arts and MFA Fine Arts students will open their studios this winter for a behind-the-scenes look into their practices and an open conversation with visitors.

The MFA Fine Arts Open Studios will take place this Thursday, December 17, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. For one night only, visitors will have a chance to preview 44 artists’ work and connect to individual Zoom presentations—a unique opportunity that should not be missed.

The BFA Fine Arts Open Studios will take place Monday, December 21, through Friday, January 29, and will feature a curated selection of work by each student in the class of 2021, with a virtual opening reception hosted by department chair Suzanne Anker.