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SVA Portfolios: Five Most-Discussed Projects of July 2018
July 30, 2018

The July roundup of the top five most-discussed projects from SVA Portfolios includes an eye-popping and vibrant silk-screen poster, a fantastically photographed salad cookbook, and a well-known street fighter come to life among others.


5) Robert Eustace (MFA 1987 Fine Arts), TREE OF SOULS

Cancer Dumpster

4) AJ Frena (BFA 2011 Illustration), Cancer Dumpster

Chun Li Statue From Start to Finish
Salad Cookbook

2) Vanessa Rees (MFA 2010 Computer Art), Salad Cookbook

Beasty Heads

1) Natalya Balnova (MFA 2013 Illustration as Visual Essay), Beasty Heads

For the five most-discussed projects of June 2018, click here. The Portfolios network is free to all SVA alumni, faculty members and degree-seeking students (members can add projects here).