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SVA Portfolios: Five Most-Discussed Projects of June 2019
June 28, 2019

The June roundup of the top five most-discussed projects from SVA Portfolios includes an abstract depiction of jazz musicians, comic book covers of Jughead: The Hunger for Archie Comics, and an animation done for the upcoming video game Gear 5.

<p "="">A five-panel, orange-and-black illustration of various subjects.

5) Claire Merchlinsky (MFA 2016 Illustration as Visual Essay), Scapes

<p "="">A black-and-white illustration of a figure standing at the top of a set of stairs and raising his arm toward a floating sphere.
<p "="">A loose, color illustration of a person playing a saxophone.

3) Ignacio Serrano (MFA 2017 Illustration as Visual Essay), Jazz Ensemble

<p "="">A comic-book style illustration of a girl playing with toys in a bedroom with a large shadow of a wolf looming behind her.

2) Joshua Hixson (BFA 2014 Cartooning), Jughead: The Hunger (Colors)

SVA Features: SVA Portfolios: Five Most-Discussed Projects of June 2019
SVA Features asset

1) Yongsub Song (MFA 2010 Computer Arts), GEAR 5 ‘KATE, BROKEN’

For the five most-discussed projects of May 2019, click here. The Portfolios network is free to all SVA alumni, faculty members and degree-seeking students (members can add projects here).