Updates on the 2020-2021 Academic Year
SVA continues remote instruction, with select facilities accessible by appointment. Click below for updates.
This June at SVA: Upcoming Virtual Talks and Exhibitions
June 3, 2020 by Maeri Ferguson
 A photograph of a black person's back that has a long scar down the spine; next to the scar a flower with a long stem is also against their back.

Hoyt Gyuricsek, Beyond The Ego, 2020. From the "BFA Photography and Video Senior Show."

Read on for more information about online exhibitions and talks hosted by SVA this month.

Through Friday, June 5: "Dream Survey: Please Don't Come to This Show, Part 2"

"Dream Survey," the second iteration of MFA Fine Arts' exhibition series "Please Don’t Come to This Show," presents the work of poet Itzel Basualdo and current MFA Fine Arts students and alumni Maximilian JuliáJi Min HwangTong Wang and Zhishu Xie. "Please Don't Come to This Show" is a monthly series, curated by Daniel Almedia and Elise Warfield, that pairs a group of participating artists with similar interests together. The shows are hosted on pleasedontcometothisshow.com. Each installment creates a dialogue around the idea of online presence, digital gatherings and our relation to information.

Through Friday, June 12: "Revolving Sands"

A juried exhibition of multidisciplinary works by SVA students organized by SVA Galleries, “Revolving Sands” contemplates life as a cyclical yet finite experience. Recognizing the transitory nature of human existence, the 13 artists in this exhibition draw upon personal and cultural histories as an impetus for their creative processes.

Through Monday, June 15: "BFA Photography and Video Senior Show"

Explore work by the BFA Photography and Video class of 2020 in this virtual thesis show, which provides a parallel experience to the department's gallery space. The work is separated into seven galleries for each thesis class.

Through Saturday, June 20: "MFA Illustration as Visual Essay: Selections from Thesis Projects"

An online exhibition of thesis projects by the MFA Illustration as Visual Essay class of 2020, curated by thesis coordinator David Sandlin. Enjoy a respite from pestilence and fear with a virtual tour that transcends time, borders, cultures and even reality with a multiverse of illustrated narrative possibilities. Visitors will stroll through nostalgic city landscapes; relive the balmy summers of yesteryear with Mister Softee as their guide; explore urban American culture from a Brazilian perspective; and join the survivors of a disaster-wracked metropolis before escaping into the utopian vision of a community of urban skateboarders.

Monday, June 8 – Friday, June 26: "Digital Short Story: Small Bytes, Big Fiction"

An annual exhibition of stories by MFA Visual Narrative students, curated by faculty members Jim Rugg and Mark Sable. This year’s selection showcases video animation, comics, blogs and interactivity. It features stories about fairy tales, real life, health, sports, identity, ghosts, monsters, love and change.

Illustration for cover of "Dead Pledges Society" short story, showing the title on top with various black narrative shapes below it, including a hat, umbrella, and flashlight.

Work from "Digital Short Story: Small Bytes, Big Fiction," an exhibition of work by students in MFA Visual Narrative.

Credit: G. Davis Cathcart

Tuesday, June 9 – Monday, July 6: "Around the Fire"

A juried exhibition of of multidisciplinary works by SVA students.

A young black girl in red winter coat walks by a street market vendor's booth, which is overflowing with large arm puppets of many various types.

Work from "Around the Fire," a juried exhibition of SVA student work.

Credit: Mengmeng Ma

Tuesday, June 9, 7:00 – 8:30pm: i3 Photo Lecture: Jon Henry

Contemporary photography often veers away from the world and off into escapism and abstraction. Not so with Jon Henry, who is best known for his ongoing project "Stranger Fruit," which has been described as a "response to the endemic murder of African-American men at the hands of authorities. Henry’s photographs turn to the mothers of the communities, to the women who must endure the senseless loss and carry on." Presented as part of the MPS Digital Photography i3: Images, Ideas, Inspiration lecture series, which features leading photographers and artists, hardware and software developers and industry experts.

A color photograph of a black mother standing in the snow, carrying her shirtless young black son. His head is tilted back and his eyes are closed. In the background there are suburban houses, trees, a car, and footprints in the snow.

Jon Henry, Untitled #35, North Minneapolis, MN. Henry will speak about his work in a virtual talk, hosted by MPS Digital Photography, on Tuesday, June 9.

Saturday, June 13 – Sunday, June 28: SVA All Staff Art Show

The eighth annual exhibition of works in various media by staff members at the College.

Wednesday, June 17, 3:00pm: MFA Art Practice Alumnus Lecture: Isa Wang

MFA Art Practice alumnus Isa Wang (2019) returns to SVA to lecture about his creative practice.

Thursday, June 18, 6:30pm: Aruna D'Souza

MFA Art Practice kicks off its summer residency program with a lecture from writer and critic Aruna D'Souza.

Tuesday, June 23, 9:15 – 10:30am: Practice Lecture Series: Katya Grokhovsky

Katya Grokhovsky was born in Ukraine, raised in Australia and is based in New York City. She is an artist, independent curator, educator and a founding director of The Immigrant Artist Biennial (TIAB) and Feminist Urgent (FU). 

Tuesday, June 23, 7:00 – 8:30pm: i3 Photo Lecture: June Kim

June Kim’s photography—with its minimalist aesthetic and focus on the relationships between the human figure, color, geometry and architecture—flows effortlessly across the fine art, fashion and editorial arenas. Presented as part of the MPS Digital Photography i3: Images, Ideas, Inspiration lecture series, which features leading photographers and artists, hardware and software developers and industry experts.

Friday, June 26 – Friday, July 31: "Pillars of Resilience"

An exhibition of artwork by MAT Art Education students. 

A color photograph of two women standing together, with their backs to the camera. The woman on the left is older with gray hair and stands slightly in front of the other, younger woman with brown hair. Both faces are turned inward, towards each other. Both are wearing silk dresses with thin straps, black on the left, white on the right.

Photograph by June Kim. Henry will speak about his work in a virtual talk, hosted by MPS Digital Photography, on Tuesday, June 23.

Tuesday, June 30, 9:15 – 10:30am: Practice Lecture Series: TUG Collective

TUG is an interdisciplinary arts collective, comprising Gaelyn and Gustavo Aguilar, that creates contact zones where people can generate insights about and produce actions around contemporary social issues. Hosted by MFA Art Practice.

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