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Presented by BFA Visual & Critical Studies

A Quiet Scale

September 13 - October 15, 2021
Illustration of an analog clock with Roman numerals. The illustration is flanked on top and bottom with rulers.
Credit: Josephine Halvorson


The SVA Flatiron Project Space is viewable to the public safely from the sidewalk.

SVA BFA Visual & Critical Studies is pleased to present “A Quiet Scale,” a two-person exhibition featuring the work of Josephine Halvorson and Hanneline Røgeberg and curated by Catherine Haggarty

Curator’s statement:

Josephine Halvorson’s reference to measuring in her paintings shows scale in a literal and honest way. This nod to quantifying the size of an object reminds us as viewers of our flawed but sincere attempts to know and exact an object. The reference of a ruler acts as a frame and also alerts my senses to the kind of careful work that measuring requires. I am never loud when I measure. Measuring requires focus and quiet. This brings me to the paintings of Hanneline Røgberg, where the artist uses the image of the ear as the focal point. This frontal portrait reminds me of my body in relation to the painting and alerts me to other senses–as if the paintings were speaking to me. The repetition of the subject of an ear in her work shown makes me think that if I just listen well enough, I will learn something.

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