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Arm's Reach

November 9 - December 14, 2020
Small candy cane cylinders spill down a vertical series of small conveyor belts, with purple squares and marble slabs on the background wall.
Credit: Yani Sun

School of Visual Arts (SVA) presents “Arm’s Reach,” a juried exhibition of multidisciplinary works by SVA students. Organized by SVA Galleries, the exhibition will be on view online from Monday, November 9, through Monday, December 14, at galleries.sva.edu.


“Arm’s Reach” explores familiarity through close proximity. When one thinks of feelings and memories close to home, the narrative is typically warm, positive and nostalgic. These works, however, illustrate a broader scope of intimate experience, as familiarity is much more complex. They tell intimate stories that span the full spectrum of human emotion, from pastel scenes of ceramic dining ware and bright photos of cluttered bedrooms to sobering accounts of the loss of a loved one and the everyday fear experienced by Black Americans. In a time of extremes, “Arms Reach” is the bridge between the familiar and the all-too-familiar.


Artists featured in this exhibition are Cecilia Abeid (MFA Illustration as Visual Essay), Cianna Cao (BFA Fine Arts), Dioni Rodriguez (BFA Photography and Video), Anisa Li-A-Ping (BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects), Lingfei Ren (MFA Photography, Video and Related Media), Yani Sun (MFA Computer Arts), Team of RenaiDance (comprised of MFA Computer Arts students Verena Quang, Wenjie Wu and Zhike Yang) Zichun Wang (MFA Computer Arts) and Xiaoli Zhang (BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects).