Updates on the 2020-2021 Academic Year
SVA continues remote instruction, with select facilities accessible by appointment. Click below for updates.
Presented by Continuing Education and MA/MAT Art Education

Art Education Learning Lab: Thinking, Learning, Understanding

Jan 13, 2021; 5:00 - 7:00pm
blue silhouette of a child's head with a connected gold grid to represent the brain.
Credit: Nicole Lorenzetti

This two-hour workshop will cover an introduction to human cognitive development and how it forms the basis of what we learn, drawn from theory and evidence-based research. At the end of the workshop, participants will understand and be able to articulate the definition of human cognition and will be able to apply this understanding to their own learning processes, as well as those of their students and/or children.

Presented by SVA's Division of Continuing Education and MA/MAT Art Education. Note: 2 CTLE hours are offered.

Faculty: Nicole Lorenzetti, researcher, evaluator

Nicole Lorenzetti is a researcher and educator, holding both a M.S. and M.Phil. in Educational Psychology. Lorenzetti is currently a doctoral candidate (ABD) at The Graduate Center, CUNY, where her research focuses on implicit racial bias in teachers and how it affects inequitable disciplinary rates in schools. She teaches in the MA/MAT Art Education department at SVA.

Free and open to the public